Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 8 – I don’t wanna say goodbye

Last post for my June BKK/Phnom Penh trip.
My goodness, it took me almost 2 months to blog the entire trip.
Procrastinator, I am.


Okay, there won’t be much photos for this post as you know, it’s the last day and we basically didn’t go anywhere but the airport.

View from our room, taking picture of the hotel we stayed previously.

We could see our ex-room from Best Bangkok House.
Look kind of buruk compare to MY Hotel…



We suspected Mr. DLink stayed somewhere here.

*Mr DLink – the owner of the wifi that Mau leeched for as long as we stayed in BKK*




One of my favorite buys!

This is like the most comfortable pair of gladiator heels ever. EVER!
And it was cheap, only around BND20+.

Hah! Take that you blood sucking blog shops!

I miss Bangkok. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.







Told you I camwhored a lot in the hotel room.
I miss dressing up, putting on make up and the feeling of not rushing to anyway and just take my sweet time lining my eyes.



Both the Baiyoke(s). So near to MY Hotel.


We were waiting for Pont to come pick us up from our hotel and send us off to the airport. And him as usual, was fashionably late again. So we thought we should check-out first. And just when we’re about to enter the elevator, he called and told us that his eta….

which, saved us from being stuck in the elevator because the electric supply for the whole hotel just stopped!

But, we had to walk down all the way and waited for quite a long time at the lobby.

Speaking of which, because there’s no electric current, it was impossible for us to check out and quite a number of tenants were waiting too. Then came a black man who demanded that he wanted to check out right away. The kind staff told him that he had to wait and the black man started cursing him with all the “f” word and called him stupid and moron. Damn rude.

People working only wa… you think you tai sai meh….
Only 800 baht per night talk loud loud there, so pa-bai go 5 stars hotel lah.
What the fish.




That’s Pont driving in a congested street.
(Weekend + Payday = JAM EVERYWHERE!)

He took out a bun out from the KFC paper bag and asked if we wanted to eat. Of course Mau rejected as, clearly… it’s not halal.

And we’re quite shocked that KFC actually have Pao also!

Sekali… it was Pont who tricked us making us believe that the pao is from KFC.



Ya ya… “KFC Pao”


Not bad though..
The meat inside a bit like Soi Heng’s big pao minus the egg.




Checking in…



Pont camwhoring with my camera.



I just realized Mau tiptoed to match my height. 
Nice kan our shoes?




Sexay. LOL!












High fashion yo!

Polka dots shirt + high waist checkered pants!





Can you tell the difference between Bruneians and Thais?





On our way back to Brunei…






Bought this t-shirt for Bobby


Hehehehee. He said he wish he can wear it to the office.
I guess any technicians would love the chart.




One for SL and one for Bobby.
So cute the bottles.





Donut scotch tape dispenser!
Am thinking to give one away for my readers..
What you all think?                     

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Minna said...

LOL I wish to snap photos of people with weird fashion sense but I never dare to. Kudos to your photo of that man! :D