Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 7 – To Feed & Be Fed


Date: 26th June 2009

Nice and warm snuggling down into the hotel’s duvet on a Friday morning with no alarm set. Unfortunately, I forgot to silence my phone and my very caring, dunno-why-this-time-so-semangat-must-share-the-news-with-me boyfriend text me at 8am in the morning just to tell me MJ passed away.


Sai! I was on a vacation lah, why couldn’t I sleep till naturally wake up wo!

Well, I was quite shock upon receiving that text and hence with my eyes quarterly opened, I reached out for the TV’s remote and channel-surfed to any news channel hoping the news was just a hoax.


Sadly, it was true.

(Even though there’s so many different kind of rumours spreading over the internet and news media stating that MJ either faked his death, or he’s dead years ago.

I guess people just can’t give him some peacefulness.)

I turned my head to the left and saw Mau moved a bit, thinking that maybe she had waken up, then told her, “Hey… Michael Jackson is dead…”

And, she went back sleeping. Same here.

Then I woke up at 9.30am, freshen up and went downstair for breakfast. 


MY Hotel’s cafe. Gotta love the couch.


Coin-operated computer, 10 baht for 15 minutes, I think?


While waiting for Mau,

Pardon the mess on the dressing table.
Obviously not a person with OCD.


I was camwhoring because I had a good hair day, courtesy of Mau’s professional hair dryer which I am so going to buy it for my birthday.

What? I’m on a strict shopping diet now okay!



It was so nice to camwhore in our room and Mau looked gorgeous that day, because she put in effort to me-lawa-kan rambutnya.



Camwhore 1,2,3.
Note to self for the gazillion time, SUCK IN YOUR TUMMY! YOU THINK YOU KATE MOSS HIA?

We went to Platinum Mall again.


My lunch and Mau’s brunch.

That’s “Fit Burger” from KFC!

After lunch, we wanted to give MBK another try but…. if it’s not for Watson and Boots, I think we’ll leave that place within 2 minutes. 

Went to Central World again~


Love it!

It’s so convenient to get from one place to another in Bangkok. You can either take the skytrain which is amazingly idiot-proof, tuk-tuk if you want some adventure on the road or taxi, if you don’t want to wait and walk.  

Oh oh, I found my favorite store in Central World. Nope, it’s not Zara, or Forever 21 or Isetan… Its….. *drum roll*

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

A book/music/stationery store with lots of things to shop ranging from cheap ball-point pens to my favorite, Crafty DIY tools and materials!

I spent quite some time shopping in it while Mau waited outside and talked to her beau on the phone. Then came the super-lui part. I went to a small corner where they sell small items like paper craft tool and mini diy packets that I wanted to buy for my colleague. The staff came to me and told me that I had to pay there on the spot because they only rent a small corner from B2S.

The stupid thing was… I ran out of Thai baht and.. worse, Singapore dollars. All I had that time was Brunei Dollars. I rushed out to the nearest money changer, which was like 100 steps and one escalator away, and the stupid man told me they don’t accept Brunei dollar.


Hai yer!

Then I rushed to Mau, which I should have do so in the very first place to borrow some cash from her and went back in to B2S and continued shopping. After buying at the small corner, I continued venturing around the store for more stuffs.

Came the annoying part again…

I wanted to pay with my credit card and.. the cashier punched in the wrong amount and swiped my card already. Of course she had to do some amendments abuthen, it took her almost 20 minutes solving the problems. Calling her manager, kept pressing the credit card machine, giving me the sorry look for 1s then the rest of the time making impatient noises. Then customers queuing behind me also kasian. Lucky they directed them to the next line.

Eh, I am innocent one leh. I was the victim too kali ah.

Kasian Mau because she wanted to meet up with her PYs, who coincidentally were at the very same building as us that time.

Finally at around 5pm we managed to meet them up.

The PYs (2008) from all over the ASEAN countries.  

I was like, “Oh… you are so-and-so who did this-and-that”. I had heard so much about them during my trip because the Thai friends we met (Pont, Nut and Top) and Yoyo from Cambodia were all the PYs 2008. *make me wanna join the SSEAYP too lah… but i think no chance liao*


At the Central World Cineplex.


Nah, we didn’t have time to catch a move so we just posed with the Transformer. 


For the very first time in my picture-taking life, 
I do not appear stubby! 

Die die must show again!


*must practice more shots like this*

After meeting the PYs, we had to rushed back to our hotel as Mau’s other Thai friends will be picking us up for dinner and more shopping.


Big crowd waiting for something… or someone…




Er… I’m not sure if DBSK did appeared that evening because we didn’t have much time to stay there already. Sorry DBSK fans.

Jan and Ling wanted to bring us to this really nice restaurant in Mehang restaurant, which is located very very near the Suan Lum night market. So yeah, you can guess what’s our itinerary already.


The menu


Lovely ambience



What we ordered.



Okay, personally… I prefer this soup way better than Tom Yam.  After tasting this orangy vegetable Thai soup, I felt that tom yam is overrated. LOL.

Let me google up the name for this. No result.
Nvm, I asked Jan already in her fb.



This is absolutely amazing!
Egg and Peanut, both my favorite!


Kangkung Chili?


Okay, I think this is another salad dish.


Now this is good.
Minced prawn on a piece of bread, deep fried and sprinkled with sesame….


Let me introduce you to the lovely Jan,


and Ling~

,whom the both of them would love to marry the boss of Charles & Keith and know Brunei very well as they came here quite often.

We wandered around the Suan Lum Night bazaar, and I bought nothing because… I was out of cash but fortunately, this time the money changer more steady, accepted my Brunei Dollars…

So I could have the cash to try…



It felt really ticklish.



And I had a cute Japanese guy sitting beside me. LOL


Dislike the bigger fishies eating my skin because their teeth were bigger in size and hence they bite hard. 


L-R : Jan, Nonnie, Mau & Ling


Will I try it again?


Er.. maybe? 

Got back to our hotel at almost 10pm and came the most difficult part of our trip…


P A C K !




(And.. we gave up updating our “account” when we went to Cambodia)




Pack Pack Pack and wonder…..
“When did I buy this? How much was it again? Crap! Can’t fit!”

No lah, I’m just kidding.

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