Wednesday, March 21, 2007

DIY Wrist Rest/ Mini-bloggers Lunch

Ever saw those really cute wrist rest they sell it in shops? Cute, furry and... EXPENSIVE!

What? $20 for something to rest my wrist while typing? I might as well lay down on my bed and chat using "on screen keyboard" to type (I mean click letters by letters), which.... I always did. =p

(Nonnie's lazy tactic)


I decided to make myself one.

(I know IngSiang, I should rename my blog to DIY Garden)

First what I need to do is to sketch out my design.. the prototype I suppose.

Yeah, it's pig again. What to do, I'm born in year of Boar. That makes me officially a pigomaniac, whatever that means anyway..

Secondly, trace out the shape on to the cloth. You need to trace two in case you don't know. One for the front, and the other one for the rear.

Nonnie at work

Yeah... I wear my glasses at home, sometimes.
And NO, I don't wear contact lenses! My right eye is completely fine that's why I don't need any glasses, unless... I'm only using my left eyes for aiming.

Then, you cut it out.

And stitch them...

Then stuffed the cotton in,

Wa-la~ (Almost) done.

I showed my mum the semi-finished product, and she was like, "Cute oh the dog."

"Ma... It's a PIG. Only pigs are pink... -___-""

And to make it looks more like a pig, I just need to give it some eyes and nose.

Like this,

Not bad huh? At least save me money from buying one..

Actually I don't really need it, just that I was too bored for this holiday and I just want to do something so I don't feel wasted.

* * *

It was only when I placed it near my keyboard then I realised...

"Shoot! Too short liao lah!"

Maybe I should have draw a Giraffe (with long neck) instead..

But it feels just right....


[Add: Bobby says that this is a THIN looking pig]

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The photo taken during the mini-blogger lunch out.

I know, I look like crap here...


Anonymous said...

That is one real good looking thin pig. Great work. Save money too. Can i have it? You make the whole process of stuffing and sewing very easy. Next time if my pants or any clothes got hole, i won't need to go to the indian shop to ask them sew. I got you now, save me $3.

I agree with IngSiang saying that you really should change your spiritual garden to DIY garden.

War186 said...

Ahhh I didn't get to see you. How come you had to go so early?? :(

Iwan said...


The pig looks so cute!!!


Nonnie ni memang betoi betoi pandai lah...

Anonymous said...

i wanna make one too! you make it look quite easy..

Anonymous said...

Wah! I'm so fat! LOL

It was great meeting everyone!

Anonymous said...

you should branch out your blog by creating a DIY Garden blog.

I want one -- a giraffe.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : So I'm more like a general worker that save you money than a super-lihai-bao-ka-liao future wife lah?

But but, I like the name "Spiritual" more than "DIY".
DIY means something else for some people you know?

Wardah : Nisah was following me and she needs to go back early for her family.
That's why~
But it's okay.. we'll always have next time.

Iwan : Cute ah? What can I say... Like owner mah~ (sibeh thick skin!)

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : It is easy, as long as you know how to stitch that is..

Maurina : Hmmm... Must be you "Ayam" Teriyaki Bento!

Affy : Branch out? But I think I'm lazy to manage 2 blogs at one time. Hehhee

Giraffe ah? Let me figure out how to make the patches on the body first.

Sha said...

I thought that it looked like a cat before you put on the piggy's facial features lol.

Horny Ang Moh said...


Anonymous said...

i beh tahan keep laughing at every single steps of you doing the PIG! hahahah!

one word to you = KENG!!!!

Nonnie King said...

Sha : Cat? LOL!

Well... I must agree that it can be any animals, just depend on what figures I want to put.


Kelly : What's so funny leh?

Andang keng liao one, but the easiest one I can't do, that is cross stitch!

Tina D said...

Darn. I look like crap too.

Paupau said...

woooolala...nonnie's getting good in doing this liao lor...bravo bravo!if put more "fats" to the pig lagi cute.hahaha..=p

Nonnie King said...

Tina : Let us all propose to the boss of Excapade in the room so we can all look good before taking pictures!

Pauline : Aiyoo~ Now heng thin and skinny mah. So my pig is a trendy pig!

IngSiang said...

haha, it doesn't look like pig! I don't like anything to bother me when I am typing, hehe.

And yes, time to rename your blog.. xD

Ummu Ummati said...

Nisah and Nonnie crossing the road:

Nonnie: hot ah??

Nisah looks at Nonnie in her sexy top then looks at her three layers of clothing plus tudong.

Nisah: Nya, what you wear right now, is what I am wearing inside


Since you all say you don't like how you look in the picture, I angkat bangkul okay and say I look good. ROFL. Nda bah, you guys look okay, its the sushi that gives the effect bah. Hahaha.

Error Q said...

yeah, ur pig is thin?? work too hard? haha. but stil cute in pink~~ Lolz..

wei, i love your this word "super-lihai-bao-ka-liao" hehhe..

Nonnie King said...

Ing Siang : -__-" Okay then, it's a mutated pig.

Actually... I made liao also don't use! I just chucked it on my bed.

* * *

Nisah : Aiyoo.. You does look good in the pic what~
That 4 layers can't hide your beauty, and as for me.. I'm not covered yet already looked ugly..


* * *

Karen : LOL! My pig work too hard!

I can be funnier sometimes :p