Monday, December 11, 2006

Brunei Marathon 2006

As most of you know already, I joined the Brunei Marathon 2006 and blogged a little last November. (Click link *here*)

Okay, I think I'm the last who blog about it. But nevermind lah, do continue to read because it'll be different.

But still, here I plugs other (infamous) Brunei bloggers entries about this event.

Ranoadidas : Controversy after controversy, A soaky start
LSM : Brunei Marathon 2006: running into problems
Maurina : Brunei Marathon 2006
Emma : The Brunei Marathon 2006

As you can see, or I should say "read"... A lot had said that it was quite a failure, disappointment and embarrassing.

Oh well, I joined for fun nya. So it didn't matter much for me. Except for the fact that there's no breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks available! Darn it.

* * * * *

Let me rewind it a bit and tell you all what happened a day before the marathon.

Because the marathon starts at 6.00am, and we have to be there by 5+am, so having no choice, Theen and I had to spend a night in BSB.

And because Mr. Ah Pui Lim had bugged me for sushis for... let me count... 18 months? and since I'm having my holidays.. I made sushis.

Tell me they look yummilicious please
And Bobby and I had dinner over Swenson.

(Damn.. So boring lah.. I mean what I blogged so far. )

The stuffs from the organizer
There's another t-shirt not shown in the photo above.

My "tilam" - QuickComfy Air Mattress
The question both James and Bobby asked when they first saw it is:
"Can put water inside ah?"

Think can change it into water bed is it?

Drama King

Quick - YES
Comfy - HELL NO!

As you can see from the photo above, the tilam is not even flat. Got "humps" one. And I can feel the air underneath my back squishing here and there every time I move a muscle.

Testing the tilam

By this time you should know which is me liao kua?


On the Marathon day itself. 10 Dec 2006

NO! I didn't had a good sleep because:

1. The stupid tilam is damn un-sleeping-friendly
My eardrums hurt from James super-ultra-thunder-like SNORES!

Okay, I exaggerated a bit.

(James, Theen is a good woman. She can tahan your snores. Appreciate her more)

The alarm rang off at 4.10am..... (Because I snoozed it when it rang at 4am)

Bloody hell. So early.

Getting ready

It was raining. Damn good weather to sleep in. Just wrap myself up warmly in the blanket when the rain outside plays the serenade.

But kanasai-ly, despite of sleeping in, I was like a walking zombie in Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddin.

Arriving the gather point.Still raining and dark.

And everyone looks like a
walking-SCB-advertisement board

We all were feeling sleepy and hungry. May (Mabel's sis) can even smell bananas distant away.

And here's a pic of the washroom. You must thinking that I'm bloody jobless taking pics of toilet. You salah liao lah.

This jamban is fully "carpetized" okay.

Which leads me wonder.. what if someone dripped their precious "sugarcane juice"? But surprisingly, the toilet doesn't smell bad lah.

Finally, dawn.

And the event is starting soon.

I tried to take a nice shot of runners dashing. But.. my lauyah camera is just not good enough.

Instead... it looked rather spooky.

Can you saw a woman's face there?

Random pics

There were some people who made the event so interesting, like..

Those who dressed like a fairy.

I never feel malu talking to strangers. (Thanks to my previous job in CFK who trained me up having no shame starting a conversation to people I never met before)

And so I asked the angmoh mummy, "Why are they dressing up like this?"

She answered me, "Because I want to".

So simple and straight-forward the answer.

Apart from fairies, we have.... clowns too?
If colorful hair and painted face not equal to clown, you tell me what other word you can think of then.

Apparently, there's quite a number of people who wears a wig for the marathon.

Eh? Not sweaty and smelly meh?

And the man that you'll be seeing soon, I really pei-fu him.

(I think in Malay "Pei Fu" means Kagum?)

Daddy pushing his baby in the stroller

People, it's a marathon remember? Not shopping in the Mall. It's just not usual to see a man pushing his baby in a stroller running... walking very fast.

Very steady leh that man. He run even faster than most of us.

* * * * *

One thing I feel a bit unhappy about the marathon is..

Previously when I checked the website, the route is

Starting from Jalan Sultan, next to Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddin, runners will speed out of town towards Jalan Tutong passing number of Brunei Landmarks, the Royal Regalia Building, the Edinburgh Bridge, the High Court Building and eventually passing by the Royal Palace, Istana Nurul Iman. The 1st ‘U-turn’ will be at 6 km point, going back to the Edinburgh Bridge, before turning towards Kiulap.
Sekali when we're running, it's different.

I don't even know where to go. All I did was just blindly follow the people in front.

* * * * *
Some random pics I took

Kampung Ayer

Rainbow~Bandar town

Kampung Ayer School

Omar Ali Saiffuddin Mosque

I just love the above pic! So chun. If only the rainbow is over the mosque lagi best.

It's not like we can always simply stand in the middle of the road and take pictures without worrying kana langgar by cars you know.

So must take advantage of it (the road block).

It's just so weird that I actually finished it in 45mins. And previously when I hit the gym and test-run on the treadmill, I spent minimum an hour plus to finish a 6km mileage.

Made in Brunei oh. Must support.

Erm.. but sadly, it taste very bad.

More like mineral water with 3 drops of fruit essence with no-added sugar. Even orange-campur drink got more taste than that.

Or it is suppose to taste like that I don't know?

Exhausted and Sweaty

Us with our medals
L-R: Ivan Tan, Uncle Tan, Chloe (The little head in between), Auntie Tan, May Tan, Eddie, Mabel, King and Theen.

Whoever who accomplished it gets the medal by the way. Nothing to be proud of since it's just 6km.

I didn't run through the finishing line. We (fun runners) just waited outside the pagar.

All I did was stand distance away and looked at the people who crowded there. I can't even see any faces of the champions.

Chloe wore a long pants. And she magically shorten it by rolling it up

By the way, Eddie, the Tan's cousin really looks like my friend who's currently in KL.

Don't you think so?

Oh, the drama king Uncle James is back

He's damn excited seeing a "Jalan Roberts"
because his honey's name is Robert.

* * * * *

We didn't stayed in the taman for long. Didn't even waited for everyone (42 and 21km runners) to finish then we jalan liao.

To where?

Makan lah of course!

And after makan what again?

Shower and sleep lah!


Choonie, the Guru said...

I wish I have join the Penang Bridge Run. I missed it twice. Every time it is held during my holiday, around June I think. That is my time to go back to my own home town.

War186 said...

Even though a lot of people have written about the Brunei Marathon, I like yours best. :D

Love the pictures especially and sounds fun lah even though they say it's messed up. Got goodies lagi hehe. Next year tah I join. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Wow Nonnie thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos! And your sushi looks really yummylicious! Hehe! Can you Fedex them to me the next time you make sushi?

When I first looked at the toilet photo I was thinking is that a toilet at the first place! Looks so unique since I've never seen a carpeted toilet before.

And for the tilam... have you ever tried filling it with water?

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : Awwwww..So sayang.

For me I think this will be the only time I joined nya. At least when I grow old I can tell my grandchildren their po-po life very interesting last time.

* * * * *

Wardah : Thanks for saying that dear!

It is fun to see interesting people and funny scenes and that's why for me it seems fun.

Eventhough no food... Still du-lan about that tho.

* * * * *

Teddy : Hehe. If next time a scientist invent teleport then I send to you yah Teddy.

Well.. I think that toilet is for the Royals and I accidentally walked in one. =p

And as for the tilam.. I really feel like putting water in it but I scare I can never dry them forever!

Anonymous said...

1. sushi ey.. even got unagi there.. also a chef ah you..

2. we have those air mattresses too, and ya, so uncomfortable.. even when you trying to get the best position, there's a slight chance that you might fall off doing so..

3. youre so cute with all your marathon get-up.. hehe..

4. where got female face?

5. that really is a great picture of the mosque.. well taken, or kalok? :p

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

6km in 45mins very good... You carry camera and run arh? Best loh.. If I take photos on the way, give me 2 hours also don't think I can finish.

Nonnie King said...


1. Got those unagi from Supa save. Just pop them into the microwave and *TaDa*, chef's made!

2. Exactly! There's a few times I nearly slipped down from the mattress.

3. Aw... Thanks.

4. Errr. Open your eyes bigger and stay 10cm from the monitor. Or probably only smart people can see it. Haha.

5. Err.. Sort of kalok one. But hey, I still want to say I got SKILL!

* * * * * * * * * *

Christina : Aiyah... So many people run faster than me. I'm only average nya since I was walking more than running.

And yeap, I carry my camera along and luckily it's not a SLR. My camera is slim and can fit into my pockets. But... I had to take it out like every 5mins to snap pictures so I give up and hold it in my hand later.

Anonymous said...

theres no face nonnie! you lied! haha.. i seriously cant see it, haiyo all that education not worth it..

Anonymous said...

Wow, a marathon. I have never joined one before, doubt I can survive one lol.

Your sushi looks yummy, if only I can make sushi, I can satisfy my sushi cravings at any given time.

And that rainbow is such a pretty rainbow :)

Merv Kwok said...

carpetted toilets..... wahlao.... i am speechless

lunaticgal said...

hmm nonnie i wonder if u really "RUN" ??

your whole journey
run >> stop >> take pic >> run >> stop >> too tiring >> run >> stop >> cakap nonstop...

am i right?

but u spend only 45 mins,, quite got stamina hor?

hehehhehe i tot bobby join too?

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : Huh? Maybe it's just my imagination..

* * * * *

Sha : You look sporty tho Sha and I bet you can run 5.5km in 2hrs time.

Hehe. I can make them.. But am always too malas because a lot of preparation bah. Especially frying the tamago.

* * * * *

Merv : When I stepped in, I thought it's a VIP room or something lagi.

* * * * *

Lulu : Hehe. I run for the first 5mins. Then walk all the way.

And you're damn right regarding my running routine!

Really talk, look and see people non-stop!

Damn... You know me well~!

lunaticgal said...

hahahhaaa ur making me happy by guessing correct :P

but still...
i dare not to take the quiz u posted

ngek ngek

Anonymous said...

oh..Eddie's also my sister friend, never knew his mabel tan cousin huh? The nose really looks like ah kai one come you always manage to find the right pose from 2 person's photo to VS ah?!!!

You purposely bought the bed to overnight?

Talking bout your sushi, i havent try it since ages~~nice or not 1st?

Anonymous said...

That sums it up for the Marathon that it was not really well prepared as i think the event was organize just the sake of advertisement for banks or company. But even so, i do hope next time they do improve it and realise that having a marathon is not just a sake of having it but being responsible.

Nonnie King said...

Lu Lu : Aww...Don't worry, the lowest score for the moment is 10%. I'm sure you'll get higher than that.

* * * * *

Kelly : You ever saw him? Look like ah Kai kan?
But stupid Kai say no.

My mum lah, say must try it since we never try it at home mah.

My sushis of course nice lah, where got not nice one?

* * * * *

Bi : So formal eh your comment.

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