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Yokoso Japan–Day 3: Roppongi (Midtown, Roppongi Hills, TV Asahi)

Oh yeah baby.. rajin eh me!

So for the third day, FussyKelly arrived Tokyo and united with us. But most of the times we went separate ways due to conflict of interest/time wtf. So with no expectation, we went to Roppongi still thinking if we should go to the One Piece exhibition… which none of us were interested.

On our way to the Metro station.
Haiyooo! Why so cute one!!!

Rickshaw puller, usually young and muscular.

Finally saw what’s in the control room of the train.

First thing I snapped in Roppongi, crazy parking fares!
300 Yen for 30 minutes!

鲍参翅肚 – What a name for Chinese food. It’s abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin and fish maw.
Usually we used that four words as an idiom to describe an expensive feast.

First pic inside Midtown.. A cooking studio!

This one…. looks so… Chinese funeral lah. But it’s actually a store selling Japanese sweets called Toraya.

Love the packaging so much! But mahal! (But then again, everything is expensive in Tokyo)

Maison Kayser Bakery. I was never a fan of bread and pastries but this shop totally changed my mind! Why the bread and pastry so nice in Japan one!

Buy all the bread!


I never understand why Bobby is so obsessed with the manga Yakitate!! Ja-Pan, and always asked if I wanna make breads and stuffs… But after eating those pastries, man… they are totally not joking when they said it’s yummy!


Somehow.. I feel bad for the Japanese who needs to eat shitty food outside their country. But then again, they are probably too polite to complain about it.

Preece Premium 24hr Supermarket.

Syok brabis shopping in supermarket. It’s like…. so many things you can buy and cook!

The eating area where pretty housewives eat their homemade bento.


Took lots of photos in the Midtown Garden and Hinokicho Park.


After countless fail jumping shots, we then walked to Roppongi Hills, actually like I said earlier on… We had no idea where we’re going, we’re just walking and walking and walking till we found something interesting. Well actually, everything seemed interesting in Tokyo for sua-ku (sakai) like us.

In…te….res…ting….. *wink*

Now open your eyes big big and remember this place! 大黑屋!

Basically you can find this shop everywhere and it’s a place that buys and sells EVERYTHING!

Why I’m mentioning this is because…. If you’re planning to go to Disneyland/sea, forget about buying tickets online or on the spot (which you have to queue!), just buy from this amazing shop! This was what the staff of Khaosan Kabuki told us because she’s a Disney fanatic.

Just go in to this shop and buy Disneyland/sea tickets and the nearer the expire dates are, the CHEAPER it is! And it’s usually 30% cheaper than the original price! No need to be skeptical about this because a lot had done it before.

Must try – Gindaco Takoyaki

We usually had no problem in ordering because there’s either Chinese or English translation or at least we can read and guess from the Chinese-like Jap word or… we simply point without prior knowledge of what it is. Adventurous sikit mah.
But that’s my experience, might be different from you.

The menu


Can you see the extra bit that stuck out to the street, that’s the toilet!
Vin Diesel or The Rock definitely won’t fit in it.

Cute little wash basin that completes with faucet and dryer.

Cute jap guy giving out tissues.

I love how the Japs give tissues and print all ad on the paper instead of slapping ugly brochures on to our windscreens or handles in Brunei. At least tissues are way practical.

The emergency warning lights on the roof top can be extended!


Freaking expensive martabaks!

I think this is a great/cute idea~

TV Asahi HQ

The One Piece exhibition I was talking about.
Didn’t check it out because we all didn’t watch/read this. I did, but only like 10 chapters.

Give me Kindachi, Crayon Shinchan, Doraemon, Slam Dunk, Yuyu Hakuso then it’s a different story. We old liao bahhhhhh….

We noticed that there’s some sort of sales going on so terus went down.


People were fixing the stage for premier I guess?


Trying out some interactive games with the Sony tablets.

This is pretty awesome

Whenever I see Doraemon, it reminds me so much of Mabel…

Doraemon thermometer!
So it’s like a mobile hanger or something that you can print your face out on a piece of plastic and attached to Siao-bai’s mouth… I know it sounds weird but trust me, very cool one bah!


The machine to print “your face”. You can either use wifi to send to the machine, insert your SD card or take photo on the spot. It’s quite easy because I cannot read any Japanese words.


Awesome or what!

SL being kiasu and wanted one too..



After taking tons of photos…. we then walked to i-forgot-where to meet up with FussyKelly.


Hou-keng ah! Not only she’s wear short dress to cycle, she’s cycling with a 5inch heels at a slow pace so that she could talk to her friend!

Bane, is that your dog?


We went into this shop which I forgot the name, and found some really INTERESTING stuffs!

Both SL and KL refused to try this out for our curiosity sake… Boring…

Latest hot “pet”
I want lor.. macam dragon!

Super tall

On a crowded (not so actually because we’d been too worse than this one) and the navigators checking out how to get to the *ahhem* building that sells *magnum* – inside joke.

Next post – Akihabara!

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