Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That awkward moment when you’re happily browsing through 9gag and saw your bag!

I have a habit of reading 9gag before sleeping, I guess it’s just my way to end my day happily (though the posts are not always funny these days…) and when I came across this post,


I went like…


Not because I felt like the post is talking about me. Okay lah, a bit lah. But I carry less things these days already can!


No kidding!

That’s my wallet, my pencil case and my camera pouch! I quickly went from the position of lying down comfortably on my bed to flipping over and starring at the picture to make sure I wasn’t wrong.

Told Bobby about it and he laughed all the way and later tried to figure out what’s the keyword the creator used in google search that made my photo popped out.

Found it!

“Inside girl bag”


From this blog post,

which I blogged about the No Mess Pockets!




Like the girls said, Nonnie, your bag is more famous than you now.

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