Saturday, June 8, 2013

Re-registration of Marriage

Seriously, I have so many wedding anniversary dates to remember now! Well, more reasons (more like alasan/excuses) to celebrate. So we have the day we registered, our tea ceremony, and also wedding reception (yet to blog) and now, the Malaysia one! Bobby joked and asked, “So… where’s the next place to get registered?”

And I’m blogging this to help other foreigners who married a Malaysian and need to re-register again. I asked around and my friends only told me that

1) it’s a simple task
2) there’s a penalty for late registration

So feeling gungho and confident, both of us who knew nothing just simply go around places and asked how to do it.. (since our friends didn’t give us precise instructions…)


First, you need to get the form JPN.KC06 from JPN which stands for Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara or the National Registration Department.

For those who wishes to do in Miri (near near mah), this is the building..IMG-20130607-WA0005

The form.

You are going to need

1) A completed form
2) Passport-sized photos for both Groom and Bride (blue background)
3) MYKAD for the Malaysian (Original and photocopy)
4) Passport for the foreigner (Original and photocopy), and also photocopy the page which the last arrival date in Malaysia
5) Foreign Marriage certificate (Original and photocopy)


And you need this part of the form certified by magistrate or someone, which we went to the Jabatan Daerah Miri ( for this.

Change ownership of GUN also have!

After everything is done…. go back to JPN and proceed!


This is the part where it’s going to be real fast! Just take number, wait for the number, submit all the documents and sign sign sign and pay and wait for your Malaysia Marriage certificate! (We got ours in less than 15 minutes – including waiting time)

And about the penalty, we paid RM120 (RM20 for Marriage certificate + RM100 late registration for the first year). If you manage to do it within 6 months, they will only charged RM20 for the marriage certificate.

RM50.00 for each subsequent year after the first year.

For more information, just visit this link which was updated 28 May 2013, which would come in real handy if they posted it up earlier!


Third time’s the charm!


First time – Bobby left his MYKAD in Brunei! Tell me about it! I wish I could flip table but all I did was killed him with my tiny eyes.

Second time – We didn’t know it was public holiday (Vesak Day) so please check Malaysia calendar before going

And finally for the third time, we did it!!!!


After getting our *new* marriage cert, we congratulated each other and I said,

“Congrats ah, got new wife. Treat her nicer k. Your first wife also very good, let you marry twice eh you lucky a$$hole”

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