Monday, June 10, 2013

Yokoso Japan–Day 2: Shibuya and Omotesando

Coming out from the train and exiting the Shibuya Train Station, this Mr. Bean stall immediately caught SL and Vai’s attention. The weather was tad chilly and a cup of hot soya bean seemed so perfect. Plus, everyone was queuing for it! You know the food, or in this case, drink, is good when there’s a line.

It’s just so eye-catching and welcoming!
Well, maybe not very interesting for Singaporeans since they are based in Singapore.

Very considerate for non-smokers really!
It’s like… hi there, here’s a lung cancer express box for you all the smokers out there~


And of course, must take photo with Hachiko~

This fellow might get like a zillion stares in Brunei but in Tokyo, no one gives a damn. So nice lah, this is truly a place that you can “Be Yourself” !

The famous Shibuya Crossing! Macam the whole Seria population crossing you know.


But before that, breakfast first!

To make our life easier, we just ordered the pasta set.


Spot the Disney Store

Triple zebra crossing. Looking at the skid marks, I guess this is a racing spot at night?

Nothing to buy here since mahal and we’re planning to go Disneyland anyway~

I was given 30 minutes and came back out with two bags of clothing. If I’m given any longer time, my credit card will probably explode into pieces….

Now back to Seria.

I couldn’t believe the quality and varieties of items sold in thie 100 Yen shop! I just want to buy EVERYTHING!!!

Shopped till my ribbons also fell off and I didn’t even noticed.

I bought most of the souvenirs here because magnets are crazy expensive hence I opted for something cuter, practical and… cheaper.

I have no idea why the Evian on the bottom right is cheaper than those on the top tier….


We were all so tired, cold and hungry so when we reached Omotesando, we went food hunting again! And boy oh boy, we were not disappointed by our random pick at all!


I love this restaurant so much, especially with those old sifus preparing the food. Macam extra nyaman.


Everything was SO YUMMEH!!!! So fresh and cheap consider the quality and freshness! I tried uni in Brunei and it tasted like longkang! But those we had in Tokyo were soooooooooooo good!

Even the chawan mushi, something that I rarely ordered in Brunei because it tasted mediocre, had texture so smooth and creamy that after my first slurp, I finally understand that Japanese were not exaggerating with their expressions when they ate something good!

I FELT LIKE YELLING, “OISHI NEH!!!!!” with those manga eyes and power punch in the air.

If I’m not wrong, this restaurant is called Heiroku Sushi.
(Okay confirmed it’s Heiroku Sushi because from this blog post, I saw a familiar face, the Filipino chef!)


Then… we wandered around aimlessly and stumbled on to another takoyaki stalls,TAKOHANA, which I read from a lot of Taiwanese blogs that it’s good…But… it’s not. We prefered GINDACO lor.

Wet quite streets along the alleys of Omotesando.


It’s a pure shopping day for day 2 and with me lugging my shopping bags…. it’s was torturous to walk under the cold and wet weather so we called it a day and decided to rest our poor feet early.

Less photos in this post because… I was just too lazy to snap pictures with my hands full!

These, were not everything….

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