Monday, June 24, 2013

Yokoso Japan–Day 3: Akihabara

So, continue from the previous post, we met up with FussyKelly and KL and headed to Akihabara together because we all knew that we’re all going to be wow-ed and that one building that made us (okay la… maybe me only I admit) very excited was the adult shop (whole building okay, not just one unit only. Confirm eyes grow styes for one whole year. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH)

FussyKelly became Kelly the Navigator because she was the one with wifi and none of us hardworking to take our phones out to check on map.

Wanna take bath with them?

We were all easily distracted by all the weird products and this one….

is the armpit patch.
Nope, didn’t buy it.

Uniqlo… SL’s curse because he can never walk out empty-handed.

The first adult shop we came across but didn’t go in. M’s

You might wanna check their website out…

Have a good time laughing and shock ya, if you are like me.. super sakai.


Still making sure we’re in the right direction


Haih… Felt like home la, got Seria then now got Labi.

The busy streets

Darth, you tell me now how you lost those weight!

The boys thinking if they should try their lucks.

For the pervs…


This, was the one we went in!

*cough* The wall of vags….

Actually we took a few photos inside (curi-curi) and kept laughing and super suaku lah. But, I don’t want to post them here la… paiseh.

  • B1f  : SM
  • 1F : Costumes
  • 2F : Lady’s toys
  • 3F : Men’s toys
  • 4F : BIG Goods

We, females, can only access from basement to second floor. 3rd and 4th only for men so we sent the boys up and waited patiently for their reports. Blow up dolls, used panties and …. you get it lah…

The famous AKB48 café… full of uncles queuing

You see.

Another big boy’s café… Gundam.

SL bought the gundam cake… dunno what name…

Went into the sushi restaurant next to AKB48 because we wanted some real food!

(Malas go to those maid café because very the expensive and I cringe everytime girls with overly kawaii voice manja manja. I scare I punch them…)

The maguro in Tokyo was so good that now back in Brunei… I can’t really find any as close to those I ate in Tokyo.

And my camera battery died after our late lunch….

We went into this shop that was ever introduced in Super Taste (famous travel program in Taiwan, fby 浩角翔起)and that’s the only shop we spent the most money on….


Gachapon Kaikan

I think there were thousands of machines and it was just so fun twisting and trying our luck in getting the figurines we want.

I wanna get the doraemon one and I got three freaking GIANT and I gave up. Soi till like that cilaka one…

But then, got a lot of other cute stuffs lah.

And… I don’t remember much (because no photos taken but I think we went to Ginza for Ippudo Ramen.

Btw.. our tatami room

Vai slept on the left and the one “folded” for some floor space was mine. It looks pretty small but actually it was really enough lo. And the futon was really really comfy!

And SL’s area at the other side.


The end. Next, DISNEYLAND!


Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

waaa make me wanna travel to Japan, ike soon? hehe btw you are bruneian eh? me, too ^^

Nonnie King said...

Yup, am a Bruneian :)
And japan is a must-travel country! Syok brabis!