Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toe socks




was what my mom wore this morning to the picnic.

I was shocked when I saw her unique “fashion sense” and asked why? Why slippers and toe socks? Well.. in matching colour some more oh my Buddha.

Her explanation?

“I painted my toe nails (in purple btw) and I don’t want others to tease me”

So…. for her, purple toenails are more embarrassing than toe socks with slippers.



kelly said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I duno your funny or your mum la! hahahaha
I wana salute aunty! so cuteeeeee

Nonnie King said...

I wanna faint ah.
That day she guarded the ice cream like guard gold like that.

Barked at everyone who tried to steal ice cream from the coolbox.