Monday, July 5, 2010

KTM Thai Seafood Restaurant

Short Note :
The owner of this blog is still alive, just procrastinating. This is a way way way delayed post and I seriously need to get back in to my “blogging shape”. Enjoy.

Thanis of invited me to a food testing session in KTM Thai Seafood Restaurant last month and boy oh boy, I have to say I was not disappointed, AT ALL!


Confession – I’d not been to KTM until that day and I was looking forward for it since Bobby lunched there frequently and he said it’s not bad.

Walking in to the restaurant, there’s no fancy decorations nor OTT renovations. It’s just sweet and simple with lots of families dining in. I love the atmosphere, very casual unlike some restaurants that made me sit tight to the chair and dare not to move too much to attract attentions or me wanting to kill myself when I drop the spoon. You get the picture?

The new revamp menu

Look how thick it is! Love hardcover menu!
Now now, give credits to restaurants that are willing to invest in their menus.

The drink menu

Longan Tofu, a must for first-timer in KTM.

Deep fried kangkong! Or.. is it Crispy kangkong?

Nope, not oily at all. I never knew you can actually deep fry kangkong to this extend. For those who are not into vegetables, order this and you will not resist it after the first bite.. instead, you’ll start popping more into your mouth.

Salt and Pepper Squid. Yums!

I love sotong I love sotong I love sotong I love sotong and I can go on and on raving about this!

Pandan Chicken, a must in Thai restaurant isn’t it?

Stuffed Chicken Wings

As you can see… stuffed to the max!
Best served with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.


Braised Tofu with mushroom and I-dunno-what-vegetable-is-that.
(Told you I’m bad in naming green leafy veggies)

Old time favorite.. NESTUM PRAWN!
On nom nom nom nom nom!

Clear tom yam soup.
I was blown away when I took the first sip! It was so strong and powerful!
Best, not oily at all!!

Salted egg soft shell crab!


Crab fried rice.

Fried rice is the last thing I’ll order in a restaurant because the chances of getting a really nicely done one is slim. Especially those served in wedding banquet.. urghhhh, hate those!

But this one, I finished a bowl despite the fact that my belly was cracking about to burst! Even Maurina commented that it’s really good because got “wok-hei”. Yes, she knows what “wok-hei” is!

Otak-otak, cake made out of fish meat.

Vegetarian mock abalone.

It’s actually wheat gluten, or 面筋 in Chinese. I can’t believe the chef made this out from scratch by mixing wheat flour, water and I cant remember what else. All I remember was, when the chef told me the process… my eyes got bigger because I never thought it’s that tedious.

(I was thinking if I can make it for my mom since she’s a vegetarian)

Mango Fish!
Uh la la~    

With Mau,

It was a wonderful dinner with great companions and good food. 
Huge thanks to Thanis for the invitation.              



KTM Thai Special Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd
Address: 1 & 2 Spg 632 Kg Jerudong
Phone: 261-0140


Syahirah Yakob said...

since you guys went there, did you guys got the chance to try coconut pudding? i only got the chance to try once (or was it twice?) cuz jarang ada T.T

Nonnie King said...

there's such thing kan?
cos i was invited so we didn't order, all the food kana picked one.

Syahirah Yakob said...

ADAAA! its the nicest thing ever. but yeah. depends on luck lah. if they have coconut, then have lor. otherwise, nada :(