Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was reading “Kiasu Krossover 3”, and towards the end… I came across this interesting conversation…


Synopsis:  A pitbull from the future comes back to the past and commits murder. The reason, as above.

This comic was published in the year 1996 and it’s 2010 now. Well, we still have the sun and air, despite of the severe weather events. But really… how long more can we have clean water to drink, fresh clean air to breathe and live peacefully without the attack of already-not-so natural disasters?

You know what irks me the most?

Those selfish people who couldn’t care less about the environment and yet de-motivates or put others down when they decide to “Go Green”.

There’s two air-conditioners (right next to each other) blowing cool air right on top of me and I simply hate it. I always off one of them if I’m around in the staffroom and others will just scoffed at my action because “you’re not the one paying for it, why should you care?”

And when I answered them “Go Green! Think of our planet”, they’ll showed me their waving hands, taunting me and walked away.

It’s like… Going Green is nothing but a joke to some people.


It’s a shame when other people are doing so much to amend humans’ fault and yet there are people continuing to litter, wasting valuable resources like water and electricity and worse, wasting food. There, Ramadhan is coming and yet another month of endless sungkai buffets. I remembered once I voiced out that we should take the amount we can eat and if not enough, we can just go for another round, and not waste food due to greediness. This particular “smart” person answered me, “So, what, you going to deliver all these food to those hungry people in Africa?”

Hey dude, in some cases… IGNORANCE IS NOT A BLISS OKAY!

Here, 10 ways to Go Green and Save Green.

If you don’t even care about it, then at least…. don’t go laugh at those who does. Because, they’ll be the one saving your sorry butt in the future when you regret for not conserving water, electricity and so on with your children or grandchildren living in sorry condition with no TLC from our mother nature asking why didn’t “your” generation do something when we could still save our planet.


Gembo said...

Reading this post I recalled seeing a security office (me thinks) with air conditioner & ceiling fan switched on and this cheeky bugger just opening the window in front of his desk just so he can smoke a ciggy. HAIH... such public display of ignorance.. Why do the other staffs put up with this behaviour - I wonder..

Nonnie King said...

Double the sigh..

This morning a colleague switched on the "extra" aircon again and walked out. Why wanna on the aircon when you're not even in the room?

I wish karma will get to these people one day.