Sunday, July 11, 2010

My weekend that went wrong, but.. luckily with the right guy


Since Bobby and I were craving for crabs, and having a long weekend, we decided to go Miri to kill our craving!

Photos with captions for the rest of the post.

Breakfast before setting off at Mien-tang.
And that’s my lao-pan~

B$5, enough to pay breakfast for 2 in Seria.

Kolomee $1.80 x 2 = $3.60
Teh C + Milo Panas + a small bowl of ice = $1.30

Total: B$ 4.90!

Eat full full, ready to go

03 04
Love my USD1 passport cover bought in Ho Chi Minh.

First stop, Bintang Plaza.
Because Bobby said he will not want to go there on Saturday because of the crowd.

Bought Hot & Roll since Bob the Bi never tried it before.

I don’t know.. chicken and cheese flavour?

My lao-pan, with an ink ring I drew on him.
Diamond ring can. Hahahhahaahaa. Don’t play play.


The shop we’ll never miss when we’re in Miri.. but always come out empty-handed though.

I accidentally dropped the wrapper of the Hot & Roll paratha and Bobby asked me to pick me up. I need to say this because I’m not a litterbug and never will be *fingers-crossed* and I smiled and looked at Bobby… asking him why it’s important to pick it up, he answered with a sheepish smile and shifty eyes *as above*

“.. cos…. this is my country?”

Wah seh… since when my baby, a person who can’t even sing his own country’s national anthem care so much one?

Next, lunch.


At Mr. Ho’s Fine Food.

One of the signature dish I think.. Prawn something something?

My Roast Pork with Apple sauce, RM16.90

Seriously pork overdosed. I actually made an effort to leave out the fats before munching in.

My lao-pan, price unavailable.
But if by kilo.. should be very very very pricey lah.

Next, checked in.


Gosh, don’t be fooled by our smiles. The room stink!

You know.. those wet towel smell that was left ignored for days… it’s that kind of smell. Like.. bad air ventilation or I don’t know what. 4 stars rating my foot.


We left the window opened and went down for a swim. An hour later, the smell was still there and so ngam there was a house keeper next few doors down so Bobby asked if she can help to solve the problem. She came in with a spray bottle with soap water and sprayed everywhere. It helped a little.. but, just a little.

And while I was half way showering, off went the power current for about 5 minutes. Seriously… –_-“

I guess we just got immune with the smell and didn’t bother about it anymore.

Watched “How to train your dragon”, like finally!
Unfortunately, there was no DVD player in the room and we had to watch it using my laptop and the volume was so soft. We had to share the ear piece just to hear the movie. Kasian max.

Then next… Dinner.

I asked FussyKelly where’s good for crab and she told me Luak Bay. But.. it was raining heavily and Bobby can’t really see at night, hence we opted for a nearby restaurant. Sigh. Huge mistake.

I hate it.

The sea cucumber soup was overly sour and salty.
The kangkung is super oily.
The crabs…. sigh… I can go cry now.

Because of the super dissatisfying dinner, I told Bobby I need ice cream to cheer up and so we drove to town area and hunt for ice cream.

My Strawberry cheesecake Cornetto.. which tasted so sweet and artificial for my liking. =(


Oh, my leggings cool kan?

Made some tea and watched “The Proposal” when it was raining cats and dogs outside. Bliss.

Next day..

On the TV and saw this uber cute cartoon!
It’s called “Bunny Maloney”. Very cute and funny max.

Just read the subtitles…

Selamat datang semua.
Saya Roco Rizoli.

Jom, bercakap dengan tetamu pertama kita.

Roco, teman lelaki saya cakap dia mengandung.


Our breakfast… because we’re too lazy to drive out to eat.

Abrupt end, our lunch.                        

Like I said in the title, it was a trip that didn’t go smoothly but luckily… I was with my guy… someone so patient that makes me look like an evil person sometimes.



Anonymous said...

the kolo mee you ordered looks delicious. from which stall oh? =D

Nonnie King said...

The one next to water-kiong...
i don't remember their name.
my fav kolo mee stall~