Friday, July 23, 2010





It was suppose to be a happy movie date and guess it just ended up all stinky and sticky.

Reached BSB at 6pm and went for Thien Thien chicken rice because I was having this ridiculous craving for it.

Ate one full plate of it and went into the cinema, munching popcorn and kept my eyes glued to the screen for a good 2.5 hours. (To be honest, I never thought I’ll enjoy the movie because I’m not that into fiction but it’s good… Sure I let out a few yawns but it’s just because towards the end… I was already feeling woozy)

Walking out of the cinema, the kicks start kicking in.
Guess it’s because I finally felt relieved after focusing too long.

And just on our way back to Seria… that, was when I felt super sick… and returned back Bobby the semi-digested chicken rice he paid.

I felt so guilty… the smell that lingered in the car… and me looking super unattractive and no where near the word “sexy” with watery eyes and looking somewhat like a drug addict. Haih…

Puked another round when I reached home…

Forced myself to take a short nap and 1 hour later.. I was talking non-stop again to Bobby forcing him to tell me a bed time story (which spells nothing but B.O.R.I.N.G) … stopped him half way and volunteered to challenge him with my comedy bedtime story which kept both of us giggling involuntarily.

Can’t share with you all because the ending was rather 18SX.

But, I can tell you the main male lead is someone who can’t straighten his lil pinky, ring finger and the middle finger.. for both hands. The story is about his fate going to different parts of the world to try his luck finding the perfect job.

You want to know it, don’t you?

So yeah, judging from my post… you can tell that I’ve recovered and kicking alive again. Albeit… forced to eat porridge for breakfast because according to Bobby, that’s what sick people should eat… with no cakoi.



Tina said...

I had a migraine after that movie too! But I think andang kan ada sakit kepala, so yea. I wanted to puke as well, but I just limpang in my bed and shut my eyes until the next morning.

And then I was fine, like nothing happened.

Nonnie King said...

Ahhhh... ya kah?

Maybe if you have to hit down a roadtrip for an hour you'll end up like me.

why ah? concentrate too much kali?

oh oh! i love the anti-gravity fighting scene. so bloody cool!