Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Misato (KB)

We’re quite excited knowing that we have another new eatery, furthermore it’s in Pandan area!!!! Wooo, you have no idea how often we visit Excapade. Asal kan lunch, Excapade Excapade Excapade.

(Siew Fong, if you’re reading this.. can I have the privilege card? Too many people fighting to keep the receipt liao… Hehehhee)

Anyway, we tried Misato justnow and here’s what I think..

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion, if yours differs from mine… I tak tanggungjawab ah.


The “open” area
As you can see, there’s no train in Misato KB.

The corridor to private rooms. There’s 5 here.

Ours is room no.6.

If you suffer from claustrophobia.. I don’t think you’ll like the rooms.

Their menu!

I’m pretty sure that I’d mentioned before how I like restaurants putting effort to the menu and this is a really nice one, and thick.

If got file-divider, lagi chun.

My favorite part of Misato… reusable plastic chopsticks!
Go Green people, say no to disposable chopsticks!

Now, the food.

What I ordered…

The real thing….

Obviously, WYSINWYG (what you see is NOT what you get) in this case…


Their pickled ginger is not pink in colour……

Soft shell crab tempura - B$10.00

Shirley’s Salmon Teriyaki Don (B$9.00)
Garlic rice (+ $1)

One word, bland. It’s like fried fish fillet with kicap.
(Excapade’s one has this nice thick flavorful sauce)

Agedashi Tofu (5 pcs - $5.00)
Shake Gyoza (6 pcs - $6.00)

The gyoza comes in 3 different choice. Chicken, salmon and… I can’t remember the last one… prawn or beef?

My macha ice cream with peanut - B$2.00

Hehehhhee. They have two choices of toppings, red bean and peanut. Obviously, I picked the latter. Love the crunchiness.

Their macha ice cream with red bean…. not mushy and sweet…

Overall, their sushis were really good.. with plenty of options. But their dishes were tad disappointing.      

They started commencing their business on 22nd July and today is 27th, meaning.. they are 5 days old on the day I visited. Hence, to be fair, we should be more lenient. Just like my experience with Kaizen Seria. First, I hated it.. and now it’s pretty good for me.

So yeah, that’s all from me.

Oh ya, if you like mango in your sushi, you will like Misato as they have a lot of sushis with mango in it. Shirley got really hyped up when she saw them in the menu. Manilla Roll is $2.30 and Nippori maki is $3.80.

No photos taken on sushi as we’re busy munching and only toward half of our meal, baru remembered to take photo.. Hence, the half-eaten food on some of the above pictures.

Probably having Excapade for lunch tomorrow and another round of Misato at night. Seriously, I will say no to japanese food for quite awhile for now.  


Starboykb said...

There were a lot of mixed reaction from my friends. At least good to see a new Japanese restaurant competitors around in KB. i heard Excapade going to open in Seria soon.

Nonnie King said...

Yup yup! The Bunut one first!

I went to Misato again yesterday and... I was disappointed again. The salmon sashimi portion is really disappointing. Banyak yang we order also out of stock. Hard to call the waiters/waitresses cos no bell in the room