Monday, August 3, 2009

What do you call a Choco Lava Cake that doesn’t ooze out lava?

Extinct volcano chocolate lava cake.
Pardon for the lack of creativity.
Brain juice just went dry.


FussyKelly had her birthday last Wednesday and since she didn’t request for any particular gift and all she wanted was blessings and prayers, I decided to make her something special.

Epic fail for the very first trial as the batter just wouldn’t solidify.
Hence I turned up the temperature knob and increased the baking time.
And, the batter became a sort-of chocolate cake minus the fluffiness solid brick.


Not believing the fact that I can’t bake, I tried it for the second time in the afternoon again, before Fussy came collect. Well, she said she’s going to put it in the fridge and have it chill first.

I’m guessing it will turned into a chocolate mooncake.

Recipe from here.

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