Sunday, August 23, 2009

Snippets of memories


This is a boring post… for those who wasn’t involved in my life during my teenage years.

I was digging stuffs in the wardrobe, or.. I should say, my mum’s “black hole” which she put stuffs that she bought, and forgot about it/couldn’t find it anymore, and found lots of …. memories~


My school tie….



Autographed by my ex-classmates on the last day of school.




I was quite nah-men that how come 48 didn’t sign on it one, sekali I find find find very long baru noticed it.  




Then I found my old tamagotchi dog-gotchi?!


Damn popular back in the days.
Too poor to buy the original tamagotchi (which will evolved to different kind of funny looking pets), my puppy in dog-gotchi only will grown up to one thing, an adult dog.


Look look!05

My secondary 2 pencil case!!!

This pencil case had a very funny story.

Once upon a time, there lived… and still living, two best friends studying in the same class. One day, King went shopping in Long-Hua and saw this nice pencil box. It was $7.90.

She went back home happily and her best friend 48 called her up, and told her she bought a new pencil case too, in Long-hua too, $7.90 too, got a cartoon cat too!

Then, they paused.

”Mine have the word “Hello Caper Cat” wor..”
”Mine have also wor…, then got the words “something good” below wor”
”…. Mine also wor..”
“….. we… have the pencil case ah?”

Then, the next day when they go to school.. really wor. They bought the exact same pencil box. And, Ah Kai had a bad time telling the difference and always took the wrong person’s pencil box.

The end.


.. told you it’s going to be a boring post.
The only person who is chuckling while reading this is 48.





I like the old one better lor. The new one looks a bit … pre-teen-ish.



And Garden Circlings, look at this!


I gave myself 10/10 for not vandalizing, littering and spitting.
And, if you can read Chinese, you can tell that I am.. was… not a person with much gratitude and take orders well from elders.

Hey, at least I’m being honest here.


Bookmarks with meaningful poems.






My favorite basketball player from Slam Dunk, after no.5 Kiminobu Kogure 木暮 公延. I have a thing for nerdy guys with glasses. Like, my favorite power ranger is the blue Billy, because he’s the geek in it. And, my favorite ninja turtle is Donatello, the brainy one controlling the complicated dashboard in the van. 



And this,

was my birthday gift for my 16th birthday, from a bunch of stupid childish friends.


They had a mini celebration for me in SL’s house, and… they boiled an egg for me (and it’s not even RED!), wrapped SL’s fruits in the house like bananas, apples and oranges plus some coconut candies, and gave it to me as birthday gift.

Sibeh “sincere”.








Funny ah, after so many years we’re still quite attached to each other.
Too bad 48 mou-lui-gong so far la. If not I think by this time I think I’m mao-ing at her place and open up all her drawers just to kpo.

I was part of Interact Club.


The only club I joined because mother said Scout is too dangerous wor… and Red Cross, I forgot why I didn’t join that liao.



And look what I found!


My uniform!!!!

Not bad leh!

I can still fit in it, forcefully…..
Nearly died of suffocation.

Looking at the above picture, I really didn’t change much la.
Still the same ol’ quirky person.


And lastly….


Sentiment values okay!
Told you my mum is more hebat in keeping junks than I do!
Although, the baby bracelet tag is definitely not classified as "junk”.


48 said...

waahhh hahaha haha..
if other ppl think the blog is boring i had good laugh lah.
forgot about the pencil case..
kasian i think mine oredi jadi 'pei zhang pin' when moving house

Nonnie King said...

ya lo.. tat post if for you one.
sure u sibeh sien-mu i still got all those lap-sap.

@lex said...

Gosh !! .. walking down memory lane ...
cannot believe i signed the tie ...
took me quite a while .. but some how i manage to recall the "egg shell" parts ... lolx ...

48 said...

So funny i had to read it again.

@lex said...

LOLx .. (^.^)

Nonnie King said...

SL - you intentionally choose to lose memory one sometimes i think. That was such a memorable stupid birthday for me and yet u n chaiwen like cant remember much one.

Wen ah, i tell u ah.. i still got those john teo tuition book lagi
sure got a lot of ojipala things we wrote inside

48 said...

SL- you did better than me..
I don't remember the tie, and don't remember the egg shells..
certainly don't remember wrapping fruits from ur house..

Can I have the John Teo's book?

Nonnie King said...

why u want my tuition book?
u want that as ur bday present ah?

@lex said...

blur image of the eggs .. but the tie ... Whoosh... no idea y i put so big my name !! chinese somemore .. Hmmmm...

48 said...

Lost mine bah.. actually my mother threw out liao