Sunday, August 9, 2009

My very 1st Garage Sale


It all started with a mindless status update in my facebook stating that I had a lot of junks unwanted stuffs that I need to clear off from my wardrobe and cabinets. Max saw it and later asked if I was interested to join in their garage sale and of course I said yes.

I let my friends know about it and they tumpang-ed their stuffs for me to sell to, and that’s how my absorbers and tyres ended up an inch nearer to the ground.

SL was the scariest! He dropped by my place and passed me two big garbage bags of:

1) Cloths from 1980s till up-to-date which belongs to his mum
2) Old plushies, one box of Chinese cassettes (which a lot of 80s & 90s CNY tong-tong-chiangs) and etc.

All without a list and price tags.

I nearly fainted…

I told him I’m so not going to help him sell his stuffs if he’s not going to the garage sale with me! Humpppphhh! Macam taking advantage regarding me as “karung kuni” like that.

On that day itself.

Woke up at 5.45am, picked SL up at 6.15am, picked Bobby up at 7.15am, arrived Angie’s house at 7.35am and started to unpack and figured out how the heck am I going to display all those stuffs.

Initially, Jason had his humble little stall beside me but we had too many stuffs and conquered most of the space. So, from the above picture you can see our kiasu stall.

Back: Nylon ropes to hang the cloths
Floor: Tikar for books and t-shirts which I kept folding over and over again
Right: Table for DVDs and mugs
Left: Boxes covered with kain to display accessories, small little toys and etc.
Middle: Bobby the Vase and SL the potential vendor who can surely survive ini HK figuring out something.


This was taken at 8.30am, when we’re still not organized yet and people were already flooding in. Max told me even at 7.30am already got people came to surveyed already.

Jason’s space.

Auntie was commenting that Jason should put some effort and fold his cloths nicely so that customers can noticed easily and have more business and he replied, “Cheh. Selling for $1 only.. not worth my effort”.

Haaahahhaha! So cool!
Si beh uh seh.

The one in black tee and 3/4 pants is Angie, the owner and on the right, it’s the cute auntie who kept shopping around and happened to be our biggest customer of the day.


Funny hor. The daughter was trying to sell out the stuffs and the mother on the other side terpulang bought something back in the house. I like them.

(And.. I realized there’s no picture of Max herself! I left my SD card in Seria and didn’t take any photos. All the photos that you’re seeing now is from Max and click here to enjoy her funny adventure with the mission of passing the photos to Bobby. Hahahhhaa)


Jason the Datuk … (or Datin. He wore a baju kebaya and Max took picture of him but I’m not sure if he’s okay if I put it up in my blog so… I better not show it here)

Okay, throughout the whole day…. we’re either
1) busy folding, packing and organizing our stuffs
2) kaypoh other’s stalls and fooled around
3) shopping for ourselves

When there’s no customer, we headed back in to the house to makan and chit-chat.

It was fun!

Everyone had a good laugh seeing this,

Me, in SL’s mum classic dress from the 70s, or 80s?

HAHHAHAHAA. Got feel or not?
Damn kick.


They’re all not satisfied with just the bikini top and forced to wear the bottom too… like how Superman wears his red spandex.

Okay, you’re going to see the super throw face photo of mine liao ah… Just, be prepared.


Notice that the string from the bikini top went in the bottom and created an effect as if I had bulging crotch. Everyone was laughing and I thought I just looked hilarious until I looked at the mirror and noticed what’s wrong.


Only then they laughed out even louder and said,
“HAHHAHAHA! Now you baru noticed kah?”



Okay okay, to save me some air muka… I need to post up a decent photo of me now.

This is me, which my newly bought $10 Zara halter neck top.
Best buy of the day!



After my very first garage sale, I’d learned that:

- what you think might not be laku or mou-yan-hau may turn out as the most popular item
- even you priced the item at $1 (nett price), people will still asked for a discount.
- Out of so many customers who came, I only managed to see 2 Chinese.
- Its okay if the things is broken or have missing parts, people will still buy if it’s cheap enough and they know how to fix.

Hah! I’m so prepared for the next Garage sale (30th August) and I’m so going to bring things people will buy.

See you later Alligator!


Drifting Cloud said...

sound interesting... can join kah?hahahaa

Nonnie King said...

Interesting indeed.
Join maybe cannot lah, cos a lot ppl liao. But come and buy or pay visit can lah.

Vivs said...

Hi Nonnie. where would be the next garage sale (30th Aug)? Thks

Nonnie King said...

Same place! =D

N0.8, Spg 420-15, Sg Tilong.

Jacq said...

THankyou nonnieeee. haha:)