Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Special Brownies


Farmer Bob came down last Sunday and we thought spending some quality time together by cooking something. I gave Bobby 3 options:
1) Chocolate Lava Cake (because I failed badly making Kelly’s)
2) Apple Crumble (because that’s his favorite)
3) Brownies (seems easy?)

And Bobby chose the third.

After less than an hour of shifting, melting and mixing…. 


Oh btw, we kind of act-smart and add in almond nuts.

Well… it smells good, it looks good…. abuthen,

the texture macam…


Yes! My brownies so special that it is CHEWABLE!
Like this,


I think I should give up baking and just spend my Sunday afternoon napping.

p/s: This should be categorized under “King Cannot Cook!”

1 comment:

WaterBased said...

I think you bake too long. adding nuts will dry out the brownies. you need to cut short the baking time.