Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lelong Lelong




Never knew garage sale can be so tough with that many preparation work.

Filtering, cleaning, pricing, tagging, packing, and lastly, try to fit everything in to the boot.

Here’s sort of a sneak peek of what I’ll be selling tomorrow.

Camouflage flats
B$3.00 / pair (tak kan I sell $3 for one side. Hahahhahaa)
Reason for selling – underestimated the size of my feet.



Polka dots pumps.
B$2.00 / pair
Reason for selling – Don’t know, it was given to me but I didn’t like it.



White sneakers with fuchsia shoe laces and 2 glittering purple stars at the side
(detail also the description)
B$2.00 / pair
Reason for selling – Underestimate the size of my feet, again.




Easy knit (some teddy bear + scarf knitting kit)
B$ 4.00 (Original price $5.90 from Hua Ho)
Everything still nicely intact in the box, no missing pieces! Brand new!
Reason for selling – Overambitious… I’m so not a knitting-person.




Wesley Series by Ni Kuang
B$1.00 / book
Reason for selling – I’ve passed the science fiction fanatic phase. And mother complained I have too many books.



For your convenience if you malas to tilt your head.
Oh, I love Blue-blood man!



Gossip Girl Novel - B$5.00

Confessions of a Shopaholic - B$5.00

Why men can only do one thing at a time and why women something something something -B$ 5.00

Reason for selling – Refer above, minus the science-fiction thingie.


Some Guitar chord book (Chinese songs)
B$ 3.00
Reason for selling – 4 words, hangat-hangat tahi ayam. period.



Olympus Film Camera
B$10.00 (Price negotiable, since I don’t think anyone will still want it)
Reason for selling – Bought this when digital camera didn’t exist.

Well, you can buy this for your children’s field trip if you can’t trust them with your precious digital camera, rather than buying those disposable one since you might have child 2,3,4,5 and 6. Good reason ey?


Teddy bear / f (for female, what? wearing skirt wa…)
B$ 3.00
Reason for selling – Given. Am never a teddy-bear kind of girl…

(Never hold it to sleep hence no saliva, dandruff, sweat or tears on it. It’s kept inside a plastic bag)


Shoulder bag (gold color)
B$ 1.00
Reason for selling – Given. Don’t like.





Denim squarish bag
B$ 3.00
Reason for selling – Don’t use it anymore




Uno Hears Playing Card (ada sikit flaw)
B$ 1.00
Reason for selling – err…. malu also. Don’t know how to play.




Straw weaved bag
B$ 3.00
Reason for selling – Never use. Bought it for ASEAN Corner to display last time…




Brown Suede bag
B$ 3.00
Reason for selling – Too small for greedy people like me who want to put everything in my bag



No. 5 messenger bag
B$ 3.00
Reason for selling – I feel I’m too old for this bag aleli.





White clutch? With hibiscus print?
B$ 3.00
Reason for selling – Too old. Don’t know wear what to suit it since I’m a boring.

Had my very first business from MSN, webcam with Tobi. LOL.





Perambahan Brunei - B$ 2.00
Peribahasa Sekolah Rendah - B$ 2.00
Reason for selling – Went for Ckg Mansor’s yellow boot camp and you won’t need this anymore.




Silicone USB Keyboard
B$ 8.00
Reason for selling – Have an identical one




iPur Air Purifier, the solution in the bottle still banyak!
B$ 10.00 (Original price B$ 38.00 from Hua Ho)
Reason for selling – My room too messy, no space for it. Used it when I was staying in UBD. Hence, now no use liao.





Adidas White Jacket (wore once only!)
B$ 27.00
Reason for selling – Impulse purchase.

(Not mine lah, this belongs to FussyKelly’s sister)



Okay, that’s about it.. for this post. Not for the garage sale.
What you saw in my blog I think it’s only 1/10 of everything.

Just look at my car boot now..


*Heart Attack*

Thank Buddha tomorrow I will have two kuli helpers if not, how… I ask you.

If you’re interested in any of the items listed above, you can email me for inquiries or… I don’t know, reservation?

email me at,
I know, very predictable email address.


I forgot to mention, I’m not the only one selling stuffs. There will be 3 other friends selling at the same time under one roof so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something.


Anonymous said...

nonnie, where did u buy silicon keyboard??? :D can u reserve for me? :D

Nonnie King said...

Someone bought it for me so I have no idea where he got it.

Sure I can reserve for you, but make sure you'll come and pick it ya.

Can you leave me a name at least? So I can know who's the one buying it tomorrow.


Btw, the keyboard is very new because I never use it before. But, I threw the box already. Sayang.

Anonymous said...

Nonnie.. what shoe size are you? i like the first 2 shoes listed... (especially the 2nd one..)

Nonnie King said...

I'm size 38.
Shoe 1, the camouflage flats still available. Glitter sneakers sold already.

Anonymous said...

the shoes are nice.. what size is it? the first and the second one.
the shoulder bag and the brown suede bag, are they still in good condition? :)

Nonnie King said...

Size 38 but all the shoes were sold out already on Sunday.

The brown suede bag's condition is not that new to be honest. I can lelong it to $1 if you really want it. Another garage sale will be organized on 16th August.

And, which shoulder bag are you referring to?