Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet _____, my new bedroom buddy



Am yet to give my new toy a name but currently brain-dead.

I shamelessly, okay… actually I did feel embarrassed bringing this around with me, somemore in Gadong, somemore on a Saturday night, somemore I was dressing up like a sua-ku. I kept having a feeling that people were starring at me while I hold on to my inflatable giraffe with my eyes rolling around trying to act all natural but secretly wondering what others were thinking.

It’s so cute!

And fun to play with.

And cheap.

And it’s from Bobby, who acted like a father buying his little girl her very first Happy Meal, and ensuring that those people who stared at me were just jealous.

And, I did a very malu thing again today.

While going down on the escalator, I looked up and saw someone smiling and waving at me. I thought. So I smiled and waved a little back then turned to Bobby,

”Your friend ah?”
*turned around*
”Err… that person not waving at me lah?”
”I just waved back oh. How ah? Or….. they were just waving to the people behind us. And, i just did a very throw-face thing again…”


Note to self:
Never smile/wave to others idiot-ly when you have not confirm that you know them or related in any ways.


Edcharmd said...

nonnie im da1 that wave at u! im eddy anyway.. i like ur blog very much.. so funny wa.. so u can called me a 'fan' laa hehehe~~ sorry to misunderstood u.. yeah i saw u with giraffe thingy n tryin to approach u but u already on da escalator so i just wave at u laa..
i knew even this very small thingy u'll write in on ur blog, then here in this very post im da1 in the scene.. im so proud xp! hehehehe

p/s: pls excuse my bad eng..

Nonnie King said...


I did not embarrassed myself after all! Hahahaha.

Sorry I couldn't see your face properly and I was too malu to put my head up once again to confirm if you're waving at me or someone else.


Thanks for telling me.
Now I can boast to Bobby that it's my fans who waved at me. LOL

WaterBased said...

At least you get a positive reply from Edcharmd.

I once (out of my many similar moments) thought I knew someone and talked to that person for 3 minutes only to have that person to say to my face -------> "I do not know you"

Apparently, I got the wrong person.