Saturday, August 26, 2006

Staying in the same room for 9 days

Ya ya, I'm sorry that once in awhile I pop-out some of my one-month old KL/Bangkok trip, but I can't help it. I'm just taking my sweet time blogging about it, and whenever I wanna post the pics up, I got other things I feel the urge to blog out. Hence, the delay.

Staying together with your friends for straight 9 days in the same room is kinda fun, provided your mates are not people who conquer the bathroom for an hour, lack of enthusiasm in everything, and snore at the loudest point.

Anyway, we compete with each other in snoring every night. Haha. The next morning we'll tell each other how fast we fall asleep and staring snored to the count of 5 sec. Having a group of 3 girls + 1 guy, surprisingly we girls are the one waiting for that one guy to finish brushing his teeth and gel his hair up.

Once we get into our room, the first thing we did is...

After showering and tidy up, then we make use of all the available lamps and hangers to dry our clothes.

And when we get bored... we camwhore..

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Guruh Roy said...

well at least you has some happy days.