Sunday, August 20, 2006

Shall I spring clean my "Friendster"?

Nonnie says:
Don't tell me you don't know what is "Friendster"... If you really don't know, then you can go back and live in your cave and ignite a fire with stones liao.

(Blogging like writing a composition from a Primary kid)

Everyone has a Friendster account.

I myself have one too.

I have 259 friends and 60 testimonials.

There are people, or "friends" in my list that I don't even know who the heck are them.

There are stupid testimonials too. (Like asking me to "Stay Cute Forever")

Some people have 652145 Friends and Friendster Account I, II, III, IV, V !

I don't know how they did it.

Maybe their hobby is "Collecting Friends".
(What happened to our old favourite hobbies like collecting stamps?)

Maybe they want to be famous?

Maybe they are so kiasu that they want to compete with their others kiasu friends?

I don't want to "pollute" my Friendster by having a lot of "Ah Cats & Ah Dogs" and nonsense testimonials...

Shall I do some spring cleaning without people thinking I'm such a b*tch?

So, you see my question.. To clean or not to clean?

My Profile.. Pathetic but proud of it.

Proud because most of the people, or "Friends" inside are really someone I know. I think I only have an average of 2 ah-mao (people I don't know) per page.

As for testimonials.. Erm.. I think 3/4 of it are all really testimonials and not "GoodLuck" and "Friends Forever" type.

What kind of testimonial is this?
A Glittering "WOW" !

And this....
We even have Chain Testimonials nowadays

I realised most of my friends.. (My age group) only has an average of 230 friends, which I think is normal and acceptable. No fancy stuff, no embedded background music, not having 5 video clips in one page, not much of fancy testimonials...

Or maybe we're just getting OLD!

Those who have most of the above are mostly 18 and below :p
I know not every 18-ners are like that lah... But you gotta admit, MOST of them are~

But, if I really go and "clean up" my Friendster, as in deleting unknown people and stupid testimonials, won't people think that I'm rude, or sombong, or what so ever bad things that people can think of?

To delete, or just ignore it?


Kenny Ng said...

I do clean my friendster's friend list time to time. 259 friends is not that much compare to many users I saw more than 500 or above, it doesn't make sense right? Chain testimonial should clean up, it really annoying.

Ness said...

Delete. Just delete. Close eyes and delete. I cleaned out my Friendster list and testimonials. Silly things like "thank you for adding me" aggravates me BIG time.

Nonnie King said...

Haha. I thought you all will just ask me to "biarkan ja"

Guruh Roy said...

Miss King, i'm always make my friendster spring cleaning every month.
Most of the time, i receive lots of peoples that i does not knows. Usually, i only accepts the request if i know at least the existence of you for a while around me, then i will accept it.But there is sometimesa special case that i will receive the request.
now my friendster is Halcyone Blog, come and visit me there...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

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