Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Espeed Espeed! When are you coming to my place?

I've been connected to the Internet for about 1hr 40mins tru the stupid turtle-snail-lorry on the road - [insert anything that's slow]-modem. And now! I finally get to blog..
This is really killing me!

I'd register for Espeed yesterday and pay them my hard-earned cash of BND273.00

Bloody e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e can.

For you all my dear Malaysians and Singaporeans blogmates.. you are all very lucky!

This is what I've been asked to pay....

Espeed Modem BND 100.00
Registration BND 50.00
Advance Payment (1 mth) BND 98.00
Static IP BND 25.00
Total BND 273.00

Really loh-meng (take life/ killing me)!

Even getting a static IP also need to pay $25.00... Sai.. Can buy one nice pair of Vincci shoes liao.

Dear Espeed vendor, please come to my door step ASAP or else one day I'll kill myself by hanging up with the telephone line. (Just kidding)

And yah.. I'm suppose to blog about something.. but I can't get the pictures uploaded.
So.. be patient..wait yahl..

Oh yah.. It took me 1hr 30mins just to log in to this page just to create a new post. I've surf everyone's blog, check my mails.. but still can't update my own..

Now, I'm still using Simpur Surf Kad.. B$10.00 for 7hrs..

And.. I wasted.. what.. $2.00 already I think..

I'm sorry that this post is so random cos I need to get my beauty sleep liao. (I gotta get up at 6.30am)

By the way.. you know.. Just to make my blogging faster.... I'd actually asked Chau, my kawan, to do me a favour.
I send her the pics I wanna upload tru MSN.
And gave her my username and password and asked her to upload the pics..
But.. turn out.. when I log in.. kosong also...

Thanks ah Chau, eventhough you help equal to no help...

p/s: If the vendor don't contact me by this Saturday, I'm gonna call 121 liao..

*Sniffs* Now I go and hug my pillow and cry in my sleep..

Good night everyone..

See you... Till I blog again ... (Yeah.. If I can log in to the bloody page!)

p/p/s: I'm sorry if you are feel so bored about me complaining about Dial-ups~. I just need to take the anger off somewhere.


becks said...

actually seems like blogger has bug in uploading the pic. I always have this problem of upload then turn put blank... so now I am using the program call Picasa to upload, it's much more faster n reliable :)

Guruh Roy said...

if you have a problem with uploading the photo, i think you contact blogger help services. coz i als suffer that one too before.

usually when i have a problem with it i usually uploads it first at somewhere else then i used the HTML code from the previous picture that i have upload before. you can see your picture code at your previous post that contained any picture.

Bobby said...

Its like tat la especially i believe the vendor service is very slow in Brunei. I believe when u first call for them to set d network up, they would treat it as a mother nagging a child which the child of course listen wit 1 ear go in n out d other. The second time you call u, it will be like a teacher nagging a student to start studying for an exam. The third time you call, it will be like the boss ask u to hand in a work proposal which only they will come and go ur place to fix it.

becks said...

call help service no use one. its free one what the heck they bother.

Ness said...

I upload my pictures at Flickr. I think its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better then blogger anyway.

Nonnie King said...

I got my broadband already! Woohoo..