Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Everyone's married, getting married, or planning to get married !

Two... Not one but TWO!

TWO (2)
friends PM me is MSN and told me he & she's getting married this afternoon!
And I just read Chau's email about planning a bridal shower for our good buddy Yuen.
Justina & Imi are going to have their 3rd baby.

Orange, second baby.

Jasmine first baby.

Chai Fung just have her daughter's One yr old birthday party last week.

SukWei has two cute little boys, Chun-Chun and Kai-Kai

Everyone's married, getting married... or planning to get married!

And know what, today a student came to me and asked me..

"Teacher Nonnie, are you married?"
*in a cute tone*

After so-and-so announce their wedding dates, friends would t
urn their head to me and asked..

Hoi, when's your turn?

Huh? Not so fast lah..

Cheh.. You and Bobby also so long liao.. Can liao lar.. He's a good guy what

-_-" He's still studying lah.. Where got so fast. Planning a wedding needs a lot of $$$, we'll need time to save that first.

I'm 22, coming 23.. Is it time to tie the knot already?

I wanna get married, I wanna have babies. But, it's not that simple.

I disagree on people saying "Marriage is two person business, not two families".

For me,it is two families we talking about. Lack of communication or worse, miscommunication will end up in a lot of unwanted troubles later, like the fight between the in-laws.

And one more thing, Chinese wedding is NOT CHEAP!
Well, depends whether you can "earn" it back or not from your relatives' Ang-Pao.

Wedding Photo Shots, wedding banquet, Make-up artist and hair stylist, facial care before the big day, wedding bands and engagement ring, a new house or at least a new room, AngPao for the younger ones..

Everything needs money.
Maybe some people will choose to go for a honeymoon wedding, just book tickets online and getaway from the hassle, then come back just send some "Wedding biscuits" to relatives to "inform" can liao. But, being the only daughter, or I should say, only child in my family, I'm afraid that's not quite possible.

(OMG! I can't believe I'm blogging like an old hag)

I want a simple but elegant wedding with no Uncle & Auntie Karaoke session!
Karaoke - BANNED!
My husband and I should be the focus, no use of you bringing your own karaoke VCD cos I'm not letting it to happen.
(Except for my future in-laws.. have to give face)

Wedding is only for a day, but Marriage, is for eternity.

(At least I still believe in it)

Living together is another serious issue here. There were couples who divorced because of the different way of squeezing toothpaste, lifting the toilet caps and even farting in front of each other.

While dating, people attempt to show their best out, hiding their hideous habits and act like a 100% man or woman. Slowly, tru out the years, the perfect mask not worn on the face and when you see your boyfriend digging his nose, do you still think he's cute? Does his fart smells like roses? Du-uh !

So, are you prepare to see the ugly side of your other half?

Do you t
hink you'll really follow the wedding vows?
Are you ready to see your handsome prince turning to a frog?

Getting married. Are you ready for it?

p/s: What the hell am I blogging about? No idea..

Still, All the best to all you people. I can't feel any happier hearing the good news~!!!
When I kahwin, angpao big big yah ; )


Alex said...

Relax la... you feel pressure isit? It will be your turn when it is your turn what... this type of things cannot rush one... I agree that marriage is about 2 families not 2 person. Thats the other reason of not rushing into things. Btw the thing on friday I will reconfirm wit you k? I'm using my brunei line back (I assume you still have my no. la)

Guruh Roy said...

I don't have any idea on marriage after all. But for sure, the most important thing is "understanding" between 2 party(ies).

Besides if you married someone or love someone, you have to accept them 100%,whether from their dark side or the light side. You change their dark side later on.

yap, i agree with you on marry at the young age. We still young and need lot of thing to experinces.

Kelly said...

I don think we have to wait till when we r married,then only we r able to see the disgusting side of our love ones eh?? After a certain time with them, already exposed out la!! still have time 2 either "get use 2 it" or "stop their habit now"!!

Big big ang pao ma?! how much you want or how much is consider big enough 1st? =/

Nonnie King said...

To Alex: Let me know earlier ah. Don't wanna waste money on the fuel eventho it's diesel :p

To Roy: Thinking that you can change someone's bad habit after getting together or get married is usually a big mistake. Agree with you, if you love someone, you should be able to accept the good and bad of them.

Ms Kelly: For friends like you all, I'll prepare a list of wedding gifts I want. Muahahaha!

Ness said...

I am in the same boat as you.

Friends left right front center are getting married or are involved in a long-term relationship which eventually will end with marriage.

Me? Belum puas bujang leeh...hahaha.

That and my dad will kill me if I go home after grad and say "Da, mau kawin."

He probably would say "Can, payback all the money I spent on your education in Oz. then you can kawin."


Nonnie King said...

Ness, that's what my mum told me too.

"I pay so much for your fees and after your graduate you go kahwin, later I high blood pressure ah and heart attack"

Blueheeler said...

haha, you still young lah. If the man is the right one for you, after 1 date can get married already. If he's not the right one, after 1000 dates, it'll still be wrong to marry him. To make me sound like Yoda: "Follow your heart....mmmmmm....yessss..."

Nonnie King said...

Sound so ham one, the " ...mmm... yesss" Danny
:p Hahahaha