Friday, August 18, 2006

Brunei Newspaper

Remember the accidents I saw last weekend? I was quite concerned about it and decided to go buy newspaper the next day to see if the people involved are all fine.

Borneo Bulletin...News not covered.
Borneo Bulletin

Brunei Times, don't have also.
Brunei Times, just launched last month.

I have to admit... Bobby and I both hesitated about buying Brunei Times because it 's so damn THIN! Yes, you read THIN! And it cost the same to Borneo Bulletin.

(Bobby's paying for Brunei Times.. just for comic strips inside)

Ok lah... I understand that Brunei Times is still new .. But... having 12 pages of papers selling for B$1.00.... I can't help but felt it's so NOT worth it.

Comparing with my dad's monthly subscription of Chinese newspaper...
See Hua Daily (B$26.00 per month)

Thick!Super "kau" compare to BB & BT
Just like comparing Teh-C-Kau with Kopi-O-Kosong

Over flooded with news & informations..
(ok.. I admit I only read the "entertainment" pages sometimes)
International news, local news (Malaysia), Brunei Headlines,
Entertainment, and one extra issue on Health every Sunday.

Now I remember why I was being so karit and don't feel like buying any of these papers.
Except when I need to find myself a new job and look at the "Classified" section.
I can just go online and visit Brudirect and BB online what~

And yah, if I wanna read Borneo Bulletin, I can read it in my school library, for free :p

Kambadeh Local Newspaper !
If you're thick (or fat) enough one day, I'll buy you!


your said...

phentermine nice :)

Guruh Roy said...

hahaha, that is funny post. Well, we cannot blame them 100% since they are still new. maybe they needs some vitamins to make them a little bit fat, i guess

Nonnie King said...

Hehe! Vitamins = Advertisement?