Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yokoso Japan: Day 5–Walking around Asakusa, shopping along Kappabashi and taking the Himiko boat ride to Odaiba

The price list of taking the rickshaw ride in Asakusa.

Asahi Beer Hall from a distance. Somehow reminds me of Chibi Maruko’s classmate, 花輪.


Double decker spotted in Asakusa.

Walked and walked and walked to reach our destination, Kappabashi.
It’s also known as the “Kitchen Town”, where there’s 170 wholesale specialty shop that you can find all sorts of kitchen ware, restaurant furniture, knives, oven and even plastic display food!

I’ll sure go there if I’m going to open a restaurant seriously!


See what I mean?

You name it, they have it!

How is it for a souvenir? TOO BIG AND HEAVY FOR MY LUGGAGE!

Cool traditional stove!

Taking photo with the street mascot statue, Kappa the mythical creature

Head back to our hostel for a mini break before taking the awesome boat ride to Odaiba.

My ticket! And saw that awesome boat that looks like it’s from anime?
We’re going to ride it, ride it, ride it~

Love her dress and socks matching with her shoes.

So cool right!

Now boarding!
The captains welcoming the passengers.

There’s no seating arrangement so just grab any seats once you board else you’ll have to stand the whole journey (50mins to Odaiba)

Or, you can sleep like this fellow.

It’s quite spacious and sure damn lot of tourists. I was eavesdropping the HongKong family’s conversation sitting next to us.

Group photo in the Himiko.


The other type of boat ride.

Characters from Leiji Matsumoto’s past work

Not bad, I quite tall also ah. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA

The story of this photo is….

SL went to the food stall and bought himself an ice cream and this girl over here was drooling all over it. She’s actually not allowed to eat any cold stuffs (by herself. cramps. geddit?) but this girl ah…. die die bought that honeydew ice cream (which was really really yummy actually), savoured it and later warned SL that she’s going to blame him if she’s gonna suffer any tummy cramps later because he ate ice cream in front of her.

Hence, that kanasai expression on her face. 

Epic flyover!

And here we are, Odaiba!

Last photo with Himiko before we went explore Odaiba.

Bye bye Himiko, see you again. Maybe?

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