Thursday, August 15, 2013

Misato Teppan-Grill

Misato – Teppan Grill
Unit 203, Mabohai Shopping Complex, Simpang 99, Jalan Kebangsann Lama,
Bandar Seri Begawan BA1111
Tel/Fax: +673 2241331
Opening hours: 11 AM – 10 PM (Mon – Sun)

Le husband and I decided to give Misato Teppan-grill a try because it’s near to his working place and there’s definitely no traffic to beat and also, less crowded.

Located at the second floor of Mabohai Shopping Complex, just next to Savy.

From the outside of the restaurant, you can tell that it’s pretty big and spacious inside. Walking in, the restaurant is separated into two main area, the main teppanyaki area where you sit and watch the chef in action, and the tatami area at the window side. They also have 2 private rooms for bigger group.

The main teppanyaki area

The tatami area

The menu.

I’m guessing the official one is not ready yet because the menu handed to us is just printed papers in a folder.

To save our brain cells from over-thinking what to eat, we just picked the Tokyo set which is made for 2 person. We chose lamb and salmon.


Soup and green tea.


Our food awaiting to be cooked.


I told Bobby I like it when I can see the chef cooking in front of me because I’m very impatient and if I have to sit there and wait for my food while not knowing if my food is being prepared already, I feel I wait very very long. So ya, I like it when I get to see my food being prepared because I know it’s fresh and definitely cooked properly.

And one more thing, there wasn’t much smoke while cooking and also the smell of food didn’t really cling on to our bodies when we left the place. Yay to that!

Agedashi tofu and ebi furai that comes with the set.


And lamb

Salmon and lamb.

HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Captain Obvious approved.

Mixed vegetables.

It was a pretty good meal, balanced and something different. Apart from teppanyaki, they also served ala carte food like assorted sushis and tempuras. We’re pretty eager to try their desserts but the one we wanted was not available. Of course, if I have to compare the menu from their KB branch, Misato Teppan-Grill seems like they serve less food but hey, if you’re not keen in teppanyaki, might as well go to their Kiulap or KB branch right?

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