Monday, August 12, 2013

Yokoso Japan: Day 5–Tsukiji (CHUKA SOBA INOUE)

It was one wet morning that I just woke up and checked on weather forecast because our initial plan was to go to Mt. Fuji. Due to the weather condition, we decided to scrap that and just go Tsukiji for breakfast and later  take the famous water bus from Asakusa to Odaiba.

Nope, we didn’t wake up at 4 plus 5 am just for the auction in the fish market. Vai had totally no interest in Tsukiji so she just asked us to tapao any food for her as breakfast. It’s a very carefree trip.

Best to avoid the train at peak hours really….

Vending machine for cigarettes

Any day is a good day to camwhore Be right back

Hello Tsukiji Market~~~

Best Male Model for the trip… PSL….

While walking around, we got attracted by this smell that was so familiar to us! It’s like Seria Kolomee with the small bowl of complimentary soup pour in… The perfect combination of the kolomee sauce with the soup. To be honest, after so many days in Japan, we’re starting to miss food like Laksa, fried kueh tiaw and kolomee. And we exchanged a look and immediately got what we’re both thinking… We’re so gonna eat this for breakfast!

*Plus… we’re seriously not in the mood for cold sushi in this early morning eventhough we know Tsukiji market is famous for that. The bowl of piping hot noodle soup was like so so seductive to us you know. Especially it smells like it’s from home (town) *

Just queue up, lift the tray yourself and tell them how many bowls you want (that’s the only thing they selling) and find a spot to enjoy.

The queue never gets shorter…

Chuka Soba Inoue serves one and only one type of ramen which I mentioned earlier, the soy-based ramen. Actually, in my opinion and memory, this is probably the best ramen I had throughout my Tokyo trip. And probably the cheapest too. It’s just so simple, not fancy but it just hit the right spot!


The joy of slurping yummy noodles.

Actually we didn’t even know it’s famous.

In this trip, the three of us had this go-with-the-flow plan. We only planned which area to visit,  but we didn’t insist in visiting any must-go, must-see, must-eat places but know what.. we gradually bumped into something famous and we like. So everytime we’re like, hey.. you know what, I heard there’s this famous something something around this place… Let’s just walk around and see we’ll find it. If we found it, yay. Else nevermind also~

Fruits… very expensive fruits… Next to the noodle stall.

I like their dedication. You see, they only sell one thing and they make sure it’s the best quality they can offered. Honestly speaking, it’s very very rare that you’ll get to eat lousy food in Japan because I think Japanese prepares their food with pride. Even those food in konbini tasted good.

The workflow is so smooth. The uncle on the left pours in the broth and cooks the noodles. The one of the right put the topping (just chashu, bamboo shoots and onions) and there’s another young man clearing up tables and get the bills.

I think this sifu looks like a TVB veteran actor lor. Big-Mouth-green? 大口青

This uncle. Ring any bell?


Yay! Our shoyu ramen is ready!
So simple yet heavenly! The broth, the texture of the noodles and the chashu~~~~

Happy and very satisfying breakfast!

The staff of this stall helped us with this photo. He was like, come stand here and find a perfect angle to place the signboard in this photo. I bet he focused on the signboard, not us.

Can you see how we smiled? It was one splendid experience really. While eating, we stood next to a few english-speaking gentlemen and had a little conversation. We’re very surprised that they knew where’s Brunei and in fact, knows quite a lot about Brunei because they had a friend worked in BSP before.

It’s quite rare you know…


築地井上 Chuka Soba Inoue

4-9-16 Tsukiji
(03) 3542-0620
Open: 04:30 – 13:30
Closed on Sundays

Take the Tokyo Metro to Tsukiji Station and head towards exit 1 and make a left  turn. You will see signboards everywhere actually. Inoue will be on your left facing the road. Order your ramen and eat it standing up at one of the tables out front.

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