Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yokoso Japan: Day 5: Ramen at Aqua City Odaiba

Exiting the ferry port, Aqua City is just right opposite hence it’s the first place we visited in Odaiba. And also, the main reason why we went in was the “Local Ramen Festival” !!!

Hello tourists

Didn’t, and still don’t understand a single thing but very very excited.
*forever possessed by hungry ghost wtf*

My silly friend here trying to jump and tap the signage.
It’s good to always have a child in our heart.

Ramen oh ramen, here we slurp!

Vai excited because she finally found a ramen that the soup base (broth) is vegetarian enough for her.

SL’s.. very oily tantanmen covered in red ra-yu.




As you can see, it’s more like a mini food court that sells the same type of food (but different in their own ways). I wonder if Brunei can do a “Nasi Katok festival”, gathering all the nice nasi katoks around and let the people decides which one they love the most.

Very eksen group…

Then we had a little walk outside, taking picture with the statue of liberty, passed by Fuji Television and later, GUNDAM!

New Yok New York.. eh salah, Tokyo Tokyo~


The very cool looking building at the back of Aqua City is Fuji Television.

The super famous landmark to take photo with, NEXT!

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