Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yokoso Japan–Day 4 : Disneyland (Part 2)


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After our lunch, we went back to Buzz Lightyear something something with our fast pass.

Damn… I ‘m hopeless when it comes to shooting game….

So pretty lah this “It’s a small world”

It was a super kiddy ride

Nonnie in the Wonderland

Probably the cutest vending machine ever.

SL drinking some tea from Madhatter.


And then…. we came across t he second parade!


Those freaking princes in the parade were so damn HANDSOME!!!

Even Vai who rarely talks bout people and their appearances also sighed upon seeing their beautiful charming faces. Sibeh good looking gwailous!

Cool sleeve for her DSLR lenses

Hello Pocahontas

Tigger and his friends sitting in the umbrella


This avatar-looking giraffe carts are pretty awesome

Purple rhino~


Captain Hook and Peter Pan fighting on the rocking boat. This is really cool lah!

See! Captain Hook is on the rock whereas the sailors will push the rocking boat so that Peter Pan will get near to Captain Hook and tries to fight him.

Wishing well

No idea what was this owl saying but this was taken when we’re waiting for our turn for the Mountain splash ride. Actually I don’t even know what’s the actual name of the ride.

We’re having the usagi theme to pose for the picture. As you can see, I’m the only one who’s doing it right. SL is doing this OK sign with mouth wide open and Vai can’t even let go of her hands off the rails.

I love Disneyland, so not karit!

Usually they won’t allow people to take photo because if that’s the case, you won’t buy already kan. But this one, can oh!

Btw, the man in the red shirt damn control man the face. But when we’re queuing, the couple’s hands just couldn’t be taken off each other’s bodies… you get the hint 

You’re welcome ~

Hidden Mickey in my churros. Nom nom nom nom nom

Spotted. Easter egg bunny

Caught another show. We almost watched all performances, shows and parades.
No kidding. The timing was just that good.


We’re given this box for translation

Painless Dentist only available in Disneyland.. Dream on people

This curry popcorn tasted like… curry twisties that masuk angin

While queuing for another roller coaster ride, which is quite similar to Pony Express from JP.

And I saw Pony Express!

Hungry while waiting and we saw so many people eating it, so I went to get myself a smoked turkey leg too!

Could barely finish it


Slept in this show because,
1) nyaman aircon nya…
2) nyaman kerusi nya…
3) ngaleh dah saya….

Bought  pair of clip on ears and Vai got herself a comfy spot and slept.

It was super cold in the evening that I started to regret wearing sleeveless dress!

Walkway starting to clear, people sitting at the side waiting for the final parade.

SL feeling warm in his sweater and I was feeling freezing cold actually

So pretty!!!!!!!

Genie can change his “skin”

Aladdin and Jasmine

Pooh and Tigger


Toy Story theme


Okay… I lazy put caption liao… you all see yourself….

Bye bye Disneyland…

It was really amazing and I hope other Disneylands will wow me the same like Tokyo one.

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Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i wanna go there tooooo. how i wish JP can be transformed into Disneyland city huhu. they say tourism industry is the 2nd imp industry in brunei. but *sigh* still lacking ah the attraction.