Thursday, July 11, 2013

Teacher…. How to use this phone?

My seat in the staffroom is very near the phone and usually when students need to call home, they will probably asked for my permission. And today, justnow, I came across the question that made me speechless so quite some time!

Student: Teacher, may I use the phone?

Me: OK.

Student: *dials*

Student: Teacher……. Erm…. How to use the phone?

Me: *Thinking he probably made STD calls that’s why the dial tone is different since the phone is locked*

Me: You’re calling mobile phone or house phone? This phone cannot call mobile one.

Student: House…. *still looking puzzled*

Me: Huh! What do you mean “How to use the phone?” …. Just listen if there’s a ringing tone or not and wait for people to pick up lah…

Student": *listens* Oh yes yes, have already…

Me: *face palm*

Then it hit me… Most people doesn’t own a house phone now because it’s not necessary anymore. They can just use their mobile phone for calling, texting and even connect to the internet. Hence our younger generation not knowing how to use the telephone.

Kids these days are so used to smartphones … And because there’s no “CALL” button in the telephone hence they get confused. Which reminds me of this 9gag post too..

Sigh… Generation gap really….

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Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

hehehe *terase* :p