Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Paddington House of Pancakes, Brunei

I was already very excited when I first see the photos of those pancakes shown in someone’s IG and boy oh boy, that was a lot of eager anticipation going on. 

My first visit to PHOP was on the 4th day of their soft opening and I had already lowered down my expectation in a big scale due to the reviews I read. Some said it was good, real good, but at the same time, a lot had complained about the waiting time as well as the price.


Entering the restaurant, I was greeted by Denise who made it clear that the waiting time will probably be around an hour (YES! 60 MINUTES) and asked if we’re okay to wait. At the same time, she passed us the menu to flip through to make it easy for us to decide if we want to wait.
Of course, we waited, in hope that it’s gonna be all worth it.

Staffs sorting out the orders in front of the kitchen

Kids Corner

 Full Monty
 Don’t you like it when you get to poke the yolk and see all that runny goodness glides down the plate and all over the bacon, sausages and baked beans.

 Do not underestimate the portion.
It was actually super filling!

Buckle Berry - Blueberry pancakes, beef bacon and scrambled egg with tomatoes, mushrooms and onions.
Iced Black Coffee – $4.50 and Orange Blossom – $4.00

Wedges and Fries – $8.50
Can’t decide whether you want fries or wedges, WHY NOT BOTH?!
I love love love this! (We over ordered and I had to tapao this and sneaked in to the cinema, had a great time munching them when I saw watching the awesome Pacific Rim)

Mexico Pannekoek – $13.00 , can’t think of any other words apart from – crispy pizza?
Good for sharing with friends. (Will be better if they can slice it up before serving. Hehehhehe)

Nice crepe. (Pronounce as “Neese”, not “nai-se” ya)
And this nice crepe is really nice!

Chicken fillet, prawns, bacons, mushrooms and THAT IS NOT POTATOES, ITS PINEAPPLE CUBES!

As you can see, for now we had only ordered the savory items from the menu. Next, the sweet one! I’m guessing I still need to make a few more trips there to try out everything from the menu! 

If you ask for my opinion, if you want to have a quick meal... this is definitely not the place to be as those pancakes are made to order. Just go there when you're not in a rush, sit back, relax and enjoy the meal.

Directions to get there (Copy from Thanis’s blog

To get to Paddington House of Pancakes – turn in from the Airport roundabout into Jalan Berakas – take the First U-Turn and you will see the Happy Star Building~~
If you’re coming from Berakas – The Happy Star Building should be on your left – just before Sekolah Menengah Berakas.

Contact no:  2331668

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