Monday, July 8, 2013

The Unforgettable Nyonya Party!


Fun Bee Park
Contact number: 2457729
Location of the center: Block A, Unit 6&7 Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex, Jalan Batu Bersurat.

So I was invited by Rachael to attend the Nyonya party and boy oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed at all!

Stepping into Fun Bee Park, I immediately was attracted by the accessories, shoes and everything that was displayed! The details on it just blew me away! I mean…. I was told that some of the pieces are like a hundred years old (or more) and they are so beautiful!



And it was also my very first time to take a close look at Peranakan beaded slippers, Kasut Manek.

I doubt any youngsters these days are able to produce this kind of craft. No more patience and not to mention, females nowadays are no longer “Yiu-Siu” (in hokkien) or… you know, 斯文or anything near that. You ask us sit down and stitch this the whole day, I cry let you see ah! Mata also juling till don’t know where…

Though I don’t quite understand why the Lotus Shoes were there too…

The table setting

The menu for the night

If you wish to see more photos from IG, just check out the tags above.

Thanis helping Pearly on the plating. Very serious man at work.

Okay, here’s one not so serious…

Cecelia introducing all the wonderful people who made the event successful.

Pearly giving a short briefing on the food that’s gonna be served and a little on history of Peranakan culture.

First dish, Sambal Goreng!


The prawns, the sauce and the cashew nuts… Had those cashew nuts to the very last piece!
No, it’s not spicy at all.

Curry Kapitan.

Kerabu Kay

The famous blue rice. So pretty!

Lor Bak (Quite similar to 5 spices spring roll)


It’s so different from those I tried before. The texture, the fish meat inside… Great to eat with rice (which I nearly asked for a second plate of rice to eat with all those yummy food)

Trust me, this is not much. Definitely can wipe the plate clean I tell you! (And probably will ask for more too!)


The dragonfruit + frog egg drink, so refreshing.


I totally dig this! And very the beh paiseh asked for the second bowl and tapao somemore for Bobby….

*hides in a corner*

Red bean and black glutinous rice dessert with coconut cream.

The gem inside, LONGAN!

The creamy and savory coconut cream was so great to eat with the usually overly-sweet dessert (by other restaurants.. not Pearly’s)



Keuh Sapit

Bomb something?

Cecelia demonstrating the right way of wearing a sarong.

It was my first time seeing her. She’s really funny, outgoing and passionate. Trust me, I took like 5 photos and they are all blurry because Cecelia just kept moving around and laughing.



And after a night of busy cooking those beautiful dishes, here’s Pearly talking with the guests again. Sorry I wasn’t concentrating because I was still gobbling down the dessert…

Here’s a photo of me with Pearly~

Signing her cookbook for her fans.

This cutie pie is just too cute!!!!!!


A big big big thank you to Fun Bee Park for organizing such awesome event and also inviting me over. It was my very first time trying Nyonya food and man, I’m now happy and worry lor. Happy because my very first nyonya dining experience is like.. off the charts. Worry because, the bar is raised so high now so am I going to find such great nyonya food in the future!


Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

nyonya.. gotta google about this :D

Nonnie King said...

Have fun googling!

Unknown said...

yummy food..... i want...

Thanis Lim said...

hahah frog egg drink! Yah - that's what we always kacau people with.

It's Biji Selasih or Basil Seeds - very good source of dietary fiber!

You should had attended the assam laksa session! Omg!