Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 years to go…

It’s been quite some time since I last shared something personal in this blog. As you can see, this blog is slowly turning into either a travel / food blog. Most of the time it’s because there’s nothing much going on with my life, or… I choose not to share with the public. And also, I get a little bored with blogging because I don’t find the hype of posting the usual stuffs that seems not interesting for (if still exists) my readers out there.

Anyway, here I am… Blogging this post because it marks another milestone of my life.
(Speaking of which, I have not blogged about my wedding reception! Oopss~)

I tried my luck applied for the LDP (Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan) or in English, in-service scheme last year. I wasn’t expecting much from it as here’s usually hundreds to thousands of people applying each year and the chances of getting it are pretty low. I even have ex-colleagues who applied 9 times (meaning 9 consecutive years) and still no news. And it was only my first time so I take it as an experience only… Forms filling experiences hahahahhahahaa. (THE FORMS TO FILL IN ARE LIKE… CRAZY BANYAK!)

And last June, I got a text from UBD asking me to collect my offer letter.

The feeling? Ecstatic!
But not yet…. Still got to wait for the final approval from JPA and when we attended the briefing, we’re told that even with the institute offer letter, we can only attend classes when we have the permission from JPA.

And a week later…. I finally got the approval!

It’s OFFICIAL!!!!!

4 years of students life again and I’m feeling excited and sad at the same time. I know I will be missing my awesome colleagues, my great bosses (principal and deputy principals) and also, my cute and manja students. One of my students even got mad and said, “Teacher why are you leaving? We haven’t even graduate yet and you’re leaving us???? You cheat my feelings!” – that’s really emotional I know..

I’ve stayed in the same school for 6 years and this year’s year 6 students are really the kids whom I’ve been teaching from year 1 till now. I see them growing up and I so feel pretty sad that I won’t be seeing them passing their PSRs and promote to year 7. *but then again, if my class timetable allows, I’m so going to go back to my school and visit them all the time*


Find the teacher in the above photo.

And because of me leaving, my students who wished to participate in this year’s Kodu competition are forced to complete their work early and spent as much time as possible in the computer lab with me. And we even stay in school on Friday for several weeks to get it all done, albeit they pretty much enjoyed it and were really happy when I suggested it.


Attended the first briefing in UBD yesterday and got so many forms to fill again laaaaaaaa…


Most of my friends are really happy for me, okay… actually all of them lah and also, I get to see my husband more I guess since I’ll be in BSB every school day from now on for 4 years. But kasian my mom alone at home lah… Sigh..

Oh well, 4 more years to go…..

Wish me luck!


Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

all the best ^^

Nonnie King said...

Thank you so much ^_^