Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picnic on National Day

Happy Birthday Brunei!

I love love love you and will continue to be a law-abiding citizen!

Anyways. 23rd of February also happens to be one of my buddies Eng’s birthday. And instead of having dinner like we always do, she opted for an irregular choice, PICNIC!

And when we all read her messages in Whatsapp, we’re all like… Thinking smile….
But boh-pien, birthday girl win.
Then you know what time we all start our picnic?

12.00 pm!

Sibeh limpeh hot okay!

Nah, some photos (stolen from Vanny) for you peeps..
(Because I’m feeling rajin today)

And… no one brought camera so these photos were all taken by ipong.

picnic picnic1picnic2
Sibeh cute lah!


We had satay, seaweed bread rolls, braised eggs, fried noodles and popia (all vegetarian), chit-chat, played ice and water and “eagle catch chicks”…. (sounds kinky I know, no where near your imagination okay). It was one fun afternoon. Will be better if there were less Indians sitting near us and staring at us every 5 seconds and grinned cheekily.

picnic3 picnic4picnic6

All huts taken so we just took a random spot under the tree and sat on flattened boxes.


One last “bonus” photo for you all…..

Macam crime scene…

Bah, wanna go take a shower now.
Till we meet again! As in, till I blog again!

(I don’t have camera with me so certainly… there will be nothing new coming up Smile with tongue out)

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