Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Incredible India: Day 4– On our way to the beautiful Goa


Seriously, if I’m going to visit India, GOA WILL BE THE MAIN REASON!

If any of you plan to go to India anytime soon, do make an effort to do some research on Goa and trust me, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful this place can be.

I forgot what time we woke up on that day already but boy oh boy, Delhi was certainly chilly! I had to wear Sheepy’s sweater along with a scarf!

Morning India~

And one more thing, the Indira Gandhi International Airport is OHSUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Will come back to this later.

We flew to Goa via Kingfisher (and we saw KINGFISHER brand name everywhere when in Goa!) and the staffs were super attentive and helpful.

While queuing for our turn for the self service check-in kiosk, we got approached by 3 different ground stuffs if we needed help. Almost every passenger who walked in the airport got approached. Sibeh steady!


While waiting to drop our baggage, we kept staring and checking out this lady standing in front of us. She’s so perfect! Beautiful face, long shiny silky hair, and lean body! Aiyoooo!!!!!! God, Y U NO FAIR TO ASIANS? Indian women are all so pretty eh!

Oh, remember I said Indira Gandhi International Airport is OHSUMMMMMMM? Here’s why!

According to this, KLIA ranked #9, Incheon Airport #3 and Changi Airport #2 Best airports in the world (2011).. Those 3 I mentioned are the only one I’d been to and personally, I think Indira Gandhi Airport deserves to be in the top 5!

See this? syok or not! They don’t provide charging station, they bring charging station to you! Where you can comfortably sit down, playing with your phone while charging it! No need to fight with others, no need to takut kana stolen!

I love breakfast! So many choices and they heat it up before serve to you!

Munching my breakfast while seeing the sales person showing the DC design Innova.

The beautiful airport

Braided plant~ Sorry I sakai

And these! Sleek chaise lounge facing the runways!
Syok! We just lied down, relaxing and watching planes taking off and landing.

Look how shuang Maurina looked!

The in-flight meal. I always opted for the non-vegetarian meal and Mau will go for vegetarian meal


Shahrukh Khan! HE’S EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
I was switching between channels till I found this!

A FLYCAM! A camera mounted under the plane!
Very the sat okay!

And switch to another view when landing! I felt like a pilot instantly! Hhahahahhaha

Sorry ah, I sakai never see before. I was very excited when I could see and feel when the plane was landing!

The plane transit in Bangalore and passengers flying to Goa remained seated while the crew did the cleaning, very swiftly! Super fast!

They have a cute backpack-ish vacuum cleaner, another crew arranged the in-flight magazine and the safety card properly, very fast lah they all!

In a glimpse of eye, the plane is now ready for another batch of passengers!

Kingfisher everywhere!

Look! Mr Vijay Mallya, the Chairman of Kingfisher greeting me~

In-flight meal again! I could only eat half of the sandwich…

Hello Barney! I love you Barney! *True Story*


Finally, landed in Goa!

A short bus ride to the terminal

India's # 1 selling Scotch Whisky is named “Teacher’s”

Hhahahahhahahaa!!!! I find it amusing that someone named scotch TEACHER’S! (With the apostrophe s somemore)

Leaving the airport.

Our taxi. Kasian the taxi driver had to load my heavy luggage on to the car roof.

On our way to Palolem, which is an hour and a half from Goa airport.


Passed by a few towns

Tuk-tuks in Goa has a door for the passengers!

Seriously, the whole road trip to Palolem made us feel as if we’re on our way to Limbang. It was so Lamunin-ish!

Finally, touched down Palolem!

Us waiting at Cuba’s car while waiting for people to check us in our beach shack!


Palolem is a lot more quiet compare to other beaches in Goa. Well, we don’t party (like a wild animal) and certainly drinking is not our agenda, hence Maurina picked Palolem instead of others. Good choice I say, just to unwind and breakaway from everyday world.

Two men carrying our luggage. It’s a 3 minute walk to the beach bungalow and seriously, we tak sanggup eh! So we’re usually very generous when tipping these kind men.

I wonder what’s cooking inside the pot.

And here, one last picture of the place we stayed for 3 days!

3 memorable days~


Will compile all the awesomeness of Goa into one post.. if I;m not lazy that is….


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