Friday, February 3, 2012

Incredible India: Day 3– It’s shopping time!

Heh…Hehehe… *dry awkward laugh*

I know..err.. super long hiatus on my India posts but here’s something to kill your “cravings”.. if any..

So day 3 was our last day in Delhi and of course it will be dedicated to bit of sight-seeing but more on SHOPPING!!!!


Maurina’s daily morning routine in Hotel Sunrise, use their wifi.

Hello India~

On the way to the kedai(s)

Plenty of Suzuki(s) on the street
(And this is one rare one without scratches and dents)

Karol Bagh in the morning is super lively. Huge contrast compare to dodgy night time.

Went into a bakery for some hot yummy breakfast

Just order..Pay at the cashier and the staffs will warm up the food.

So delicious and CHEAP!

Freshly grilled cheese and tomato sandwich

Chicken and mushroom roll.

After breakfast, we went back to our hotel to get taxi to move around Delhi.

Nah, a better view of our hotel.

So sayang la.. the car…

I’m always hungry too!

Anyways. We got ourselves a private taxi and paid only 800 rupees for 8 hours.
But we exceeded the time and went a little further and they charged extra 200 rupees.
Total, 1000 rupees for almost 10 hours. CHEAP OR WHAT!

So sexy and I bet the dog knows it.




Like Oh.em.gee!

Super syok shopping for sarees. They served you like super VVVVVVVVVVVIP!
Just sit down, and they will flip open all sort of sarees and all you need to do is, nod your head, shake your head and KIV a bundle to think later.

We spent like… an hour (or more) sampai our eyes and mouths tired from enlarging pupils and jaw dropping wtf.

The funny and happy boss who forced me to get all the sarees I choose by giving me real good discounts.

The ladies who assisted us in choosing the sarees.

FYI. I ended up with 20 pieces sarees. Gila I know.
But it’s simply irresistible!

When we wanted to leave, our car got blocked and guess what…

Super crowded!

Looked up and saw 2 men on the roof top..

Next stop: India Gate

Just for those “I’m here” touristy shot.


Don’t play play, Obama also ever come here let her draw okay..

very tempted to try out those street snacks but don’t dare to take any risk lor.
don’t want to spoil my trip visiting toilets only.

Thinnest cotton candy ever…

I miss those chai tea!


For show only….


Kana cornered by few ladies who straight away grabbed our hands and drew henna on it and demanded a payment when we didn’t ask for it.

dot dot dot really…

I cant tell Mau’s expression. Still frightened? Tipu-ed? or happy?


Maurina refused to call this uniform.
For her, ani costume.

(Men in India all super dressed up one)

Last stop: Ansal Plaza

It’s actually quite big inside.

I know it’s a little weird that we actually ended up in a Korean restaurant to have dinner.. when we’re in India.
But you know, it’s fun to be a little spontaneous.


But the meal was not disappointing at all.
With free wifi somemore! Hehhehehe.

It’s a smoking restaurant and there’s actually a karaoke machine in the main dining area.

Seafood pancake


Gimbap and other appetizers

For those interested. Nah, the address.

Maurina feeling all tensed and worried because her place got broken into.
And her cat was missing…

Sad smile

Dunno what’s with this curang picture….



anyways, back to Karol Bagh


awesome shoe stall!


I got myself a simple camel leather shoe~

Wuiseh! Got maggi for sell!

I saw this man wearing suit in the street and hence took a picture of him. And he super sporting, stood there and posed nice nice for me to take photo. Very da-fang~

Err.. I don’t think I dare to walk in there lo…

My shoppings~

And favorite purchase of the day!

(My favorite eyeliner for now. It lasts, and doesn’t smudge!)

Bah, next post will be quite cool because we’re going to GOA!

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