Friday, February 24, 2012

Nur Wanita, Kuala Belait

Just when everyone (okay lah, only KB/Seria people lah…) thought that Kompleks Harapan is going to die… (as in no one will be going there anymore apart from paying installments in Baiduri, AIA Insurance’s office and.. what else again ah?), Supa Save Panaga is taking a major rebuilding project and an outlet is set up in Kompleks Harapan.

And last week when we went there to check out the Supa Save outlet and was surprised that a Thai restaurant and a dessert shop are going to open in that area! Woohooo!!!!!

So people, stop saying Belait boring okay.
(Next we’ll be having Coffee Bean and also Charcoal in Seaview there… The only thing missing is McD saja)


Anyways, we (my colleagues and I) went to check out Nur Wanita for lunch~

(All photos taken by a phone, again…..)


First impression, that place is BEAUTIFUL!
The renovation my goodness… the small details, the tiles, the walls, the settings.
It’s so pretty!


3/6 of my lunch partners today.

Really nice decors.



It’s a good thing that Vicky made a reservation for us the previous night so no disappointment caused.
For you peeps out there, Nur Wanita’s KB Branch telephone number is 334-7789 ya.

05 06


The perfect place to experience northen Thai food? We’ll see about that~


08 09

The staff brought us this “stool” thingie for us ladies to put our bags!
One bonus point to Nur Wanita!

We ordered:

11 12
Papaya Salad – $7.50
(…. in a really small dish)

To be honest, the portion in Nur Wanita is pretty small for the price we paid…

Yum Pak Boong Krob – $8.00
(Crispy Kangkung, this one must order! NYAMANNNNNNNN!!!! Thumbs up)

Tom Yum Num Sai (Seafood) – $11.00

Thai Green Curry (Chicken) – $9.00

I love this one too! Probably because it’s not really spicy but Sheepy said she had better elsewhere.
You know, taste is purely subjective.

19 17 
Tum Tim Grob – $4.00

Ummm… huge disappointment on this.
The tapioca flour coating on the chestnuts are too thick for my liking.
And the coconut milk/cream is not thick enough.
Didn’t even bother to finish this (I don’t waste food one okay)

Mango sticky rice – $6.50

Banoffee – $4.50

This one yummy also! (A teeny weeny bit too sweet only)





Washroom – Gotta love the quote


Awesome fuchsia pink door or the ladies room~





However, I have two tiny complains about this restaurant…..

#1 – A wet bowl was served to us for the tom yum soup…..

#2 – Umm……. The fork wasn’t clean properly before placed on the table.

I’m usually a very careless/ignorant person but these mistakes are too big to ignore I guess?

But overall, the dining experience was great and I’ll be going back there to try out other menu. I’m particularly curious about this “Fried Spaghetti with Salted Fish” actually… Wait till I got enough courage then try ah.

Open-mouthed smile


Anonymous said...

wah. didnt know there's nur wanita there.i shall go there~

Nonnie King said...

Ya you should. that area is a lot livelier now~

Effy said...

haha. thanks for the review. this place will be in my list :D

48 said...

so long no online one, we no 'yuen fen'?

weinnie said...

was googling for nur wanita and stumbled upon ur blog. didn't know u were frens of kelly too. anyways small world. can't wait to get back to seria this weekend to try out the nur wanita there.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Hi Nonnie
You've been tagged on my recent blog blog, if you have free time can join in the fun.. :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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