Saturday, February 11, 2012

And all we did was eat, eat and eat on Bobby’s birthday celebration

Actually, Bobby’s birthday is today, 11th of February but due to the reason that he’s sort of going to work OT, having dinner with his family and most importantly, I’m attending DoraMabel’s poolside engagement party, we pushed it forward and celebrated in advance.

Not knowing where to eat, Bobby picked Kaiz Cuisine because we like to try out new restaurants… despite of negative reviews given by most people who’d been there.

I went crazy reading pages by pages. Man, so many choices! So different also! With reasonable price that I won’t feel my wallet kana punctured.

Table setting, just like any other Japanese restaurant….

The dessert page!
Too bad they didn’t have any red bean paste so Bobby couldn’t order #2703.

Really sad looking scallop bata shio yaki….
We’re like dafuq was this? Okay, nevermind nevermind. Patience.. who knows the rest of the food will blow us away~?

And then our favorite dish for the day was served,

Wagyu Tataki in wafu dressing!


Instead of the usual Shake sushi, we opted for Spicy Salmon sushi.
Very good too!

Unagi sushi… very normal…. Would even use the word “blah” for this…

Now this is something different.
The rice wrapped in seaweed is tempura-fried, topped with crabstick, unagi and cheese.

Because we both didn’t take any photo together so this is it, our only photo “together”

Not happy with the scallop bata yaki we ordered earlier, we ordered another different dish.
This time they did it right. Hehehehehehehehee.

The Red dragon ice cream…
Normal. Think they blend dragon fruit with vanilla ice cream hence the sauce is not very “dragon fruity”

And Bobby’s macha ice cream. sibeh thick the flavor!
Would be perfect if there’s red bean paste to go with it.

And…. umm…. we walked across the street and tapau-ed chicken wings, tongkengs and sausages.
Hehehhehe. Happy mah~
(The birthday boy starved himself the whole day just for this dinner okay)

Pretty good too!

And this… is the unfinished birthday “card” I made.

It’s suppose to be a 5 tiers birthday cake but I got lazy…..
Hence, it looks like some sad pyramid with bright nipple now…

But nevermind, Bobby said he’s going to complete HIS birthday card together with me.

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