Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eat, Play, Love in KB

After filling up Haji Maidin, next stop, NAAFI!

p/s: Haji Maidin is the name given to Atul’s car by herself. Don’t play play, car also naik haji.

The girls and their hauls.

It’s so funny when the staffs in Naafi can actually identify that they’re all from BSB just from the way they dressed. I guess, it’s the same as.. I’m always in t-shirt, short pants when I go Soon Lee get something and only bother to dress up a little when I go BSB.

After shopping (for chocolates and keropoks and dips and more chocolates!), I brought them to Nul Hajika for some Roti John HK Style with Cheese sauce and Mee Gulung.

Tina and Dee dividing their hauls.


Now, this is the legend…. wait for it… dary Mee Gulung of Nul Hajika. I love Barney Stinson!

There’s no “mee” in the above picture but….


*tada*, when you cut open the egg, the delicious mee kuning is all inside!
It’s like Nasi Pattaya, instead of rice.. it’s noodle with yummy sauce. You got to try this!

Next, the lagi more legend-wait for it-dary Roti John HK Style with cheese sauce!

The girls just kept repeating that it’s nyaman and ordered a second serving for this. Tips, order some french fries to dip in those yummy cheese sauce. You’re going to love it!

Corn soup with crab meat. This one no need to intro la… very common.

After makan-makan, we went to the town for some mini-shopping. Called it “mini” because we only went to Nanyang and Bodyshop. And before the sunset and the rain comes, we dropped by Billionth Barrel Monument.

Tourists D, A, and T.

Playing the I-shoot-you,you-shoot-me game.

I showed them this because that particular animal has been bugging me for quite some time. I think it’s a dugong.. but still, it doesn’t quite look like a dugong!

Apakan tu?

Well, clearly… Tina was not interested. HAHHAHHAAAHAA





It started to drizzle a little and hence we headed to our next destination…. my house! For toilet breaks and refreshing, and introduced them to my mom. And now, I can easily tell my mom who are those girls I had frequent dinners with in BSB. It’s really hard to explain when you don’t have a tech-savy mom you know.

Macam… “Ma, errr… I go BSB ah… Having dinner with friends. Who? Err.. I know them from blog one.. Internet… Ah.. Don’t worry, they’re nice people!”

For dinner… BUCCANEER!

I tell you, everyone loves that place! It wasn’t quite what they imagined at first, hearing babies wailing, kids running around, adults makan-makan, talking-talking. Not exactly a dim-lighted romantic place with cheesy lobby music. It’s very… how to say.. family-oriented.

We ordered….

Fresh Oysters! BND24 for a dozen!

To be honest, I’d never ordered this before in Buccaneer and I just don’t know what to expect. But the oysters were really really fresh! And they’re not karit with the dipping and lemon! Unlike some, only one thinly sliced lemon on top of oyster.

I can literally taste the ocean!

It was gone in 5 minutes!

And Atul took 3 minutes to eat one. Hhahahhaa. It was her very first time trying fresh oyster and … she didn’t take it very well. The facial expression on her face when she “chewed” the oyster was priceless!

Nevermind, more for us to nom-nom!

Dee’s pumpkin soup – BND4

Seafood Pasta – BND9

Dinner roll – BND0.80 each.

Sebenarnya, those dinner rolls are complimentary. One for each and served warm. Atul loved it so much that she ordered two more!


Grilled seafood platter – BND23

THIS IS VERY GOOD TOO! The calamari was grilled to such perfection! It’s not rubbery at all and it’s easy to chew them. I want the oysters and this seafood platter again!!!!!!


Garlic bread with cheese – BND3.50

Forgot to take a picture of Tina’s milkshake. She ordered Banana and Avocado Milkshake that is not in the menu and asked the waitress if they could make it for her. They did! Good kan? Talk about good service!

Last last, fruit platter… complimentary too!




So, there.. blog post done!
No more hutang. Hahaahhahahaa.

If you’re new to KB and have no idea what to do, where to go, what to eat.. feel free to ask me.

Winking smile


Tina said...

Hahaha. Oh man, I did look like I wasn't interested. But that was actually my look of 'thought'. Doesn't really look it though. Hahaha!

I love banana and avocado milkshake!~ And no ice even better. Nothing to dilute the yummyness. Hehehe.

And oh, God. Those oysters. *salivates profusely*

Charlotte said...

Hi there's another good place for steak in KB town. You know the stalls beside Foochow Association (not the ones behind it). One Chinese's stall in the middle part, open daily from 6 p.m. (except Thursday if not mistaken). It serves non-halal steak with chips or rice. Price is reasonable and the food is really goooood! :)

Nonnie King said...

Tina: Next time imma customize my own milkshake too!

Charlotte: Paiseh to say, I've never eat out there at night, only day time. But I must definitely find one day go eat that steak you mentioned!

geek in white said...

that animal, platypus?