Friday, May 27, 2011

Food-eating competition #ran8adidas

So, I went to the Consumer Fair Part 8 today all because of the #Ran8Adidas events! And I’m going to blog about this particular competition only (because that’s the only time I rajin took pictures – before the twitter hunt) .


Getting ready for the big eat!

The man behind Ka-pow Burgers and the 8 sloppy joes!

Gotta eat all 8 sloppy joes to win !!!

Just by hearing/seeing, I already felt full.

P1170740 P1170742P1170749

As you can see, when the competition first started, they were all standing up. After nomming off the first sloppy joe, they all sat down and continued on their eating journey.

The third contestant, the one on the left surrendered after 2 and a half joe and the battle was left with Jayden and Mr. Reduan (sorry if I got the spelling wrong).

Just imagine, 5 sloppy joes in their tummies already!

The uncle was really really hebat! He devoured one joe after another slow and steadily and I even saw him picking up the bits and pieces on his plate. No wastage at all! He truly deserved to be the winner for this competition, sorry ar Jayden.

And yes, the uncle won the competition!

Then came the next one, sushi this time.



And the winner was the man in green.

I told Bobby about the competition and he thought he could’ve join the food-eating competition too. Oh well, work is more important baby. Next time lah, next time I starve you one whole day to make sure you win ya. Hehheheheee.

As for the Twitter Hunt, I really had no time (and mood) to take any pictures. All I thought was, I WANNA WIN THAT GALAXY TAB! But then again, win or lose, it was still a pretty fun experience! Though, I made mistake in answering…. bye bye Tabbie… *galaxy tab spreads wings and fly away*

Thank you @BruneiTweet @Zulfadly @KitaroJapanese and @ranoadidas for organizing such fun events!

More please? 


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