Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chok-face / Chok樣

I came across the term “chok” face when watching TVB’s 43rd Anniversary Awards when the hosts were teasing Lam-Fung about his “chok” face.

I didn’t quite get it so I went googling about it.

Here’s one photo of Lam Fung’s making chok face.

So, you get what’s chok face already?

It’s actually a Hongkong/Cantonese slang describing the kind of face that you purposely make, faking it, or.. easier to understand, “choke”! – making people feeling suffocated or, want to choke themselves. It can be faces that youngsters do nowadays to make themselves look better, be it emo or “stylish”, trying to be handsome, trying to be sexy and charm others. For some girls, it will be posing with pouty lips, innocent doey eyes, acting like a 6 years old…

(The above paragraph is what I’ve summarized from the results after I googled “chok face”, what those Hongkies explained)

Now, examples time…


This one super funny.. beh tahan the Filipino uncle ah!


Now to end this post, here’s a bonus chok-yueng for you all.


(which he wasn’t actually demonstrating chok-yueng, he was just talking half way, under a hot sun hence that chok face. Kasian my baby)

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