Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 1 – Bangkok, the land of AWESOMENESS!

Date: 20th June 2009

Photos taken in chronological order.


1. The Besties (minus 1, FussyKelly… wait, should be minus 2 – my darling 48), Theen who drove me up to BSB along with SL who tumpang (as always).


We had a satisfying breakfast @ Lucky *yum! DIMSUMS* restaurant just to feel the nostalgia. Left my SD card in my lappie so no photos taken during the foodie session and kept reminding them to remind me that I HAVE TO TAKE THE SD CARD for the trip.


2. Us trying out the QuikPod


He kept showing me his bitter face and complained, “You’re going to Thailand… but not with me :(( ”

dot dot dot


3. My travel partner, Miss Maurina.



I’m so glad that I was travelling with her because she’s so random, just like me. We didn’t have a schedule, just go with the flow change whenever we felt like it. If boring, just skip to the next stop. And, we’re fast when it comes to shopping. Meaning, we didn’t spend like half an hour in a store choosing and bargaining.

And, we didn’t even need to runding who sleeps on which bed/side, who takes which space (for our luggage)… everything is just so natural.

It is definitely delightful to travel with her.



4. Food on the plane.


The mushroom chicken with rice, not so good…


5. We saw the steward gave a little kid a goodies bag and we asked for one too.


Activity book / color pencils / ruler / pencil / sharpener / photo frame and a magnetic drawing board!


6. While queuing for the washroom



7. Camwhoring in the washroom



8. Our seats were like, the first row in economy class. So we’re actually business class –1. LOL.


See, ample leg space. And our footwear for travel.
So glam si Mau punya. But damn mafan (troublesome) when she needs to take it off.



9. Bangkok!




10. In Suvarnabhumi Airport




11. Camwhoring in the washroom, because we’re not in a rush to anywhere~ Hence we took our sweet time walking around.





12. So pretty eh this airport!




13. Mau feeling all excited because of the pink taxi.


It’s around 350 – 400 baht to get to the city.



14. On our way to the city.


Bobby said the above photo looks scary…



15. Tell me why wanna hang something beneath the car. For fengshui?




16. The hotel we stayed for the first 3 nights.



So malu you know. When filling the arrival card for the immigration, I wrote “Best Bangkok Hotel” and left out the “house”. The immigration officer looked at me and asked..

Officer:      Best Bangkok hotel?
Me:           .. uh.. ya.. (and took out the printed confirmation letter)
Office:       Ah.. Best Bangkok HOUSE hotel.

It is one of those budget hotel, USD20 per night without breakfast, in Pratunam area. Within walking distance to Pantip Plaza, Platinum Mall and BTS. Very convenient lah that area.


17. Our room.


The room is small but its enough for the both of us. Ada bath tub lagi! The one and only complaint I had for this room was… the walls are too thin!

We had some really really really annoying tenants living next to our room. They talked/laughed/fooled around very loudly in the middle of the night (3am!) and played music on their hand phones whenever they walked out their rooms to find their friends next to them. “MY HUMP! MY HUMP MY HUMP MY HUMP!”.



18. Me eksen-eksen wiping the sink with clorox wipes.



19. Petchaburi Road


I can only speak like 4 words in Thai.
Kap kun kaaaaaa
Soi (which is simpang)
Sip Ha! (number 15)

Because when we told the taxi drivers the name of our hotel, they might not know it.. instead of saying “Best Bangkok House” and “My Hotel” (which we stayed for our last 2 nights), we told the drivers “Petburi soi sip ha!”.



20. Our very first meal in Bangkok


Because their spicy wings is a must-try!


21. Syok eh seeing their menu!



22. Fingers licking good




23. Chewy Cheeze! Something you don’t have in Brunei. Why ah? Bruneians love cheese man! Sure it’ll become an instant hit what.




23. Tuk-tuk ride.


Erm, it’s more expensive than taxi rides but since we’re already in Bangkok, why not? But it’s good to ride on tuk-tuk when you’re in a hurry because tuk-tuk drivers all drive like F1 drivers! Squeezing thru busy lanes, taking u-turns whenever they want and all sort of eye-popping stunts.

24. We witnessed an accident


It was drizzling and we saw a motorist skidded and crashed into the car in front.


25. And he/she just stood up and continued riding away…. Macam nothing!




26. The first shopping mall we visited




27. My butt got all wet after the tuk tuk ride


And no! That little biji you saw is not dirty thing or what, it’s just the button of my shorts.


28. I love this store!




29. So cute kan the packaging?




30. Like an ice cream or candy store




31. Spot the blogger busy shopping.




32. Lip, armpit, nipple and pubic whitening cream!



33. We were too tired to walk and decided to take a rest here.




34. By doing manicures!


The owner is so young right? She has been in the industry for 7 years and damn pro one okay. Don’t look down on her tiny little stall.


35. A cute mini red fan to dry the nails




36. If you’re sick of floral swirls and repeated patterns, why don’t go for something cartoony?




37. Mau going for the classic black.



38. My turn!




39. Gradient red with glitters!


It’s like I dip my fingers into a pool of glittering blood.

Btw, we did manicure while waiting for the other bunch.


40. Suze’s salmon steak, zoom-in.



42. The portion in real life. Sad kan?




43. An aerial view of MBK.




44. Very SATC




45. Rafie and Mau


Wish we had more time going around Bangkok with Rafie because he makes good tour guide! Taking photos voluntarily, telling directions and waited patiently while the girls shopped!


46. Mau and I


It’s very rare that we have a full body photo together because no one was there to help us take pictures. This was taken by Rafie.


47. Obligatory group photo outside MBK.


Bruneians much? Eeeeseh, I’m a future Bruneian! Saya anak Brunei, soon!



48. Street food! Love the steam coming out from the corns and sweet potatoes!



49. So juicy!




50. Infamous street in Pat Pong. *cough cough*


Read the words on the neon signboard. Its Super P….


51. Yeap, we were there. *cough even louder*



The rest of the girls went back to the hotel whereas Rafie, Mau and yours truly stayed a little longer for some adventures and developed a close bond right after something. Unforgettable indeed! HAHHAHAHAHAHA! Right Banana man?


52. Us camwhoring in the train with my QuikPod!


Took the last train and walked back to our hotel. Bangkok is safe okay! No suspicious looking people roaming around, no gatal people stopped over and “Moi moi moi!” us, we didn’t get robbed or pick-pocketed.

So, for those who are still stuck with the images of Bangkok being very undeveloped, dirty and unsafe, I think it’s now time to visit Bangkok. You’ll be amazed how trendy and stunning are Bangkok-ians. Kalah 9 streets I tell you!

And, I enjoyed putting on make up everyday and lined my eyes with glitters. Its so normal for everyone to look fabulous over there. Urgh! I miss Bangkok!


Okay, Day 2 coming up next.
Just need time to edit the photos nia.


Tina D said...

Picture number 3 has a former CIS lecturer standing there in the background, in the middle! Hahahaha! :D

Nonnie King said...

CIS lecturer? How come I don't know him one?

Anonymous said...

Cool trip. I'm recommend you on next day to stay at MetroPoint Bangkok Hotel. This hotel closed to Rajamangala National Stadium and 15 min. from BTS. The room pretty good.

Nonnie King said...

Thanks for the info anonymous.

I'm so definitely visiting Bangkok again whenever I can.

Anonymous said...

Nonnie i miss u!!! hahahahahah Looking forward to future posts!

Nonnie King said...

LOL! I thought you can already predict what am I going to blog.

I miss you!!

Tina D said...

I think when you were in ITB, he was in the UK, doing his PhD. Hehe. Sir Haji Yusoff, we call him.

nikki.szeli said...

Super P!! that must be the place that Yon and the rest went .. haha! u gotta ask him thattttttt!! =P

lin said...