Friday, April 12, 2013

Stupid things le husband says…

And I’m seriously thinking of making a new tag for it! *referring to the title above*

It had been one and a half week that I’d not seen Bobby due to work commitments and he’s also busy with his assignment + work hence I stayed in KB last week not wanting to disturb him. And today I finally get to see him and boy oh boy, his kanasai-ness didn’t decrease at all!

So, after dinner we watched a little teley and Bobby decided that he wanted to take a little nap before he starts with his assignment (deadline in a week’s time) and asked me to wake him up later so he won’t oversleep.

Bobby: You wake me up later ya.
Me: Okay… When?
Bobby: You wake me up when you think it’s time to wake me up la.
Me: Which is… (what time)?
Bobby: When you think I should wake up la.
Me: JUST TELL ME WHAT TIME LAH! (Sensing that he’s just giving me another moment of his HAHA-GOTCHA!)
Bobby: Answered so many times already still want to ask. I say…. wakemeupwhenitstimetowakemeupla.

And proceeded to give me that stupid face like saying, “It’s ok… I forgive you for asking me stupid question”


Devil Long-pia really!


And then later while lying on the bed, I realized the wall in our room that has the window unit installed has some brown water trails and markings asked Bobby.

Me: Eh? How come like that one?
Bobby: Should be those rust inside the aircon.. blablabla… water leaked.. blablabla
Me: Bah, tomorrow or later go take rag and clean up k.
Bobby: Tomorrow lah…
Me: Later lah…. Eyesore bah.
Bobby: Bah bah bah….

He then flipped over and got so near to me and said..

Bobby: Haih… being a husband not easy really. Nah nah nah, now cannot see. No more eyesore.


It’s really tiring to talk to him sometimes because his sense of humour is out of this world. He may look angry, stern, emotionless and scares people away, but trust me… he’s probably one of the funniest person I ever know.

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