Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Didie’s Thirty-ish belated birthday surprise

The initial plan was… surprising her in Sugarbun because it’s near to our work place, less crowd hence we can be as loud as we want… which that’s what we are best in!

The only photo I took in Sugarbun.

But then……..the clueless pregnant mummy forgot to bring the gift and cake so we had to come up with plan B, which is celebrate in work place. So we all headed back to school and waited for the birthday girl to come together with Sheepy and Shirley. Sekali that two bimbos didn’t make Didie stay and didie terus drove off!

Panicked, I quickly called Didie and lied saying she need to come back to school right away because there’s an urgent letter that need to be sent off to the office in Seria. And she believed. Hahhahahaa. I’m damn good in lying! Most probably because I’m serious and pemarah at work so my colleagues usually will listen to me.

Her gift and cake, which she hinted soOOoOooOoOooOo many times that, “I don’t have any cake this year”

Moo Moo Cake with no candles but a “Thirty-ish” flag.


Getting ready for the surprise.

And.. here come’s the birthday girl!

Look at the expression on her face, priceless!
Banar banar shock ni.


She was worried about the urgent letter and suddenly this. She only registered after a while that the whole thing was just a lie.

Surprise birthday girl~

Group photo without me, Z and BBR.

Thank you self-timer, else I wouldn’t be able to be in the photos.

Guess how old is she!

Unwrapping… Look how bored Vky was!

Her ‘gifts’ in the box were actually all her junks in her drawers. We just put it all in to create to make her thing that her gift is something else, with all the weight.

Photoshopped her "real gift” in to the above photo.
The bag.


Oh, and also drew one on the mahjong paper.
Her other gift was stick on the box, can you see?

Yeap, an “OutOfTunes” card I spent the whole Sunday Morning making.
It’s worth it.

Her “birthday” moo-moo cake from Lof.


April…. 3 of my colleagues have birthday in April. Kapeh eh!

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