Saturday, April 13, 2013

Muffins & Co.

After 1.5 hours of swimming, my tum tum craved for something sweet so I asked Bobby to bring me to Airport Mall for some yummy muffins at Muffins & Co.

All I knew was … it’s inside the Airport Mall but we went in circles looking for it! Then I googled it up only to find out that it’s inside the Souq, an area that made us feel like we’re not even in Brunei!

It’s in the super-ko-lok-tou…. Sorry, it’s just a Cina-Belait slang for corner. The outlet is not very big, just a glass cabinet displaying the muffins, and a cashier counter next to it. So basically you just ‘tapao’ and walk away. Will be better if they have some tables and chairs, serving a nice pot of tea to go with the muffins lah. Since, the atmosphere over there was so good.


We couldn’t wait till we find a proper place to eat and terus open the paper bag and sunk our teeth in!

Bobby had Cinnamon Cranberry and Walnuts and Banana Almond for me.

For the first bite, it was just normal for us.. nothing special. But as we took a few more bites, the flavour, the aroma got better and better and we couldn’t stop munching! It wasn’t very sweet like most muffins (I like) and guilt-free as they reduced the sugar levels, high in fibre and has low GI.

Can’t wait for the savoury one lah!

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