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Seoul Fun: Day 3–Tosokchon

Bite-size post~

So after Gyeongbukgong, we’re famished and couldn’t wait to munch munch!
Walked back down to the MRT station and got out from another exit, walked few minutes and we arrived Tosokchon!

Now this was something that I’d been wanting to experience for a really really long time. You see, I’d never ordered Ginseng Chicken in Brunei, because… I know it won’t be as good as what I imagined, and… pricewise too. Hence eating Ginseng Chicken was in one of my MUST-DO list! Somemore, I was afraid that if I simply pick any restaurant and try, I won’t have that kind of satisfaction and return home with disappointment. So must find the best one also!

(Just like, if I tell you, come to Seria must eat kolomee and you simply hamtam go to C.A.Mohd order that, I smack you ah!)

That’s why, if you’re thinking to travel by yourself (don’t want to kana slaughtered or forced to visit those gem factory, ginseng factory), must must must must do homework, don’t be lazy! Unless you want to answer “Meh….” everytime when people asks about your trip.


Tosokchon, did a little research on it in Tripadvisor and it was rated #1 restaurant in Seoul. But now becomes #2 liao… hmmm….. But, since it’s a popular place and so near to Gyeongbukgong, might as well give it a shot rather than randomly pick a restaurant (which sucks, because we had bad luck in picking random restaurant when we’re really hungry).

Just a few minutes walk away from the MRT station.
Quite easy to find, if you have a map in your hand.

It was around 11am when we arrived and we got a table to ourselves straight away. The waitress were already hustling around the restaurant. We’re guided to a public area, took off our shoes, sat on the thin cushion waiting to order the infamous SAMGYETANG!

Pardon my friend, she’s a peace-lover.

Already got uncles and koko-zai eating liao.

Kimchi and pickled radish. Terus served one big pot and eat all you can.

Sibeh many small dishes… which.. we didn’t even know what’s the purpose of it.

Complimentary tea nad ginseng wine…

The small cup is the wine ah. SL keh-kiang, saw the uncles sitting behind us terus drank from the cup and followed too without knowing it’s wine inside. HAHAHHAHA. He choked at quickly warned us, “EH! YOU GIRLS! DON’T DRINK BIG GULPS FROM THE SMALL CUP AH! IT’S WINE!”


The wine is actually for the guests to either pour in to the samgyetang or, drink it on its own if you don’t like the wine taste in the soup.


Creamy soup base with super duper tender chicken. So tender that just by using your chopstick already can separate the meat from bones. I don’t know why some people said it’s overrated (maybe queued too long till dulan liao) but to me, it’s really worth the trip lo. And also got people complained no flavour, dunno leh.. I think the soup had all the original flavours from the essence of the herbs and chicken, if you want to add flavour, got salt what.

I drank the soup, and ate the chicken with dipping salt. Very nice eh~
Can tell it’s not those “express” one just by tasting the broth.

The glutinous rice in it. Macam porridge liao.

Oh, the samgyetang was 15,000 won when I went there ah. I read from other blogs and forum, it was 12,000 won, then 13,000 won and sekali when I makan, became 15,000 won liao. Steady also.

Vai’s vegetable porridge, which she complained is the most expensive porridge she ever tried.
12,000 Won.


SL found a wishbone in his chicken and we decided to play with it.

My wish was : Get to meet ming-xings (any) for our trip
His wish was : Work abroad

And… he got the longer half. So it’s entirely his fault that I didn’t get to meet any K-Pop stars.
Boo him!

The crowds flocking in when approaching lunch time.

Our bin of bones~ And.. as you can see, I didn’t finish my wine.
Tak pandai.. whereas Vai was enjoying every sip of it to sooth and relieve her M-pain.
Sucks when Big auntie visits you when you’re travelling.

Mai tan~

Whenever I heard people asking “Excuse me, bill please.”
I will answer, “Sorry, Bill’s not working today”

Sorry ah, I’m lame like that.

Tables for 6 – 8 pax

When we’re leaving the restaurant, we’re shocked to see the line queuing already and sniggered, “Heh heh heh, lucky we came earlier~ If not queue like them”

Sekali when we left the restaurant and went to the road, baru saw the real line!


WAH LAO EH! Need or not?!

Heng ah we arrived at 11-ish! No need to wait terus can eat liao. Else for sure very grumpy and wasting time. So, for you peeps out there who wish to visit Tosokchon, better go there early.

Vai was constantly on a fruit-hunt. But… the peach didn’t taste as good as we thought.
Probably the least tasty fruit we tried for the entire trip. And SL walked all the way to Namsan1.. or 3 to get the knife just to cut the peach somemore.

As for me, I still like staring at the girl’s shoes~

Kasian her pinky. It was so kiap! I also feel pain for her toes lah. Don’t know why must ngeh-ngeh fit into sandals like that.

First thing Vai did whenever hopped in to the train.
Played her fishing game in her iPod touch, then during intervals, showed me how big the fishes were that she caught, followed by asking SL, “How many stops more? Are we getting off the train soon? Where are we now?”

Vending machine selling sweets, lozenges, wet tissues, mouthwash, menstrual pad, diapers, and condoms.



Back to Itaewon, Casino, Namsan Park and the most expensive meal we had in Seoul.

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