Friday, September 16, 2011

Seoul Fun - Day 3: Gyeongbukgong

I’ve decided. Am going to be less ambitious and split the day into segments so I can update this blog more frequent and easier to digest for you all too. Truth is… by the time I finish editing the photos, I was already too tired/bored to start typing in the text for a proper post.


Day 3 (Morning) coming right up!


The mild slope that we went up and down every day. (Better than staying in Namsan 1, I read from a review, if you stay in Namsan 1, the slope went even higher/steeper) Good exercise though. The slope gradually became easier and easier to climb up anyway.

My model of the day… okay la, actually everyday also. She didn’t bring any camera, only her built-in 1.3MP camera on her Nokia.


For cyclists

I got really conscious with the shoes Korean girls wear on daily basis and got really fascinated because HOW THE HELL THEY TAHAN WEARING HEELS LIKE THAT FOR MORE THAN 8 HOURS?!

Bah, Korean aunties

Okay, reached Gyeongbukgong station liao~

Cool ceilings. Macam black bean tofus.

Apart from the word “Door”.. I can’t read the other two…
I’m guessing… 吊老门?But this name too funny liao.. Hang-Old-Door, and sounds so… err… macam bad words.

Oh, I’m holding my K-Bob (name of my iPad) and seriously, for those whose thinking to travel to Seoul, go and download Jihacul! It’s an app for Korea subway and its going to save you a lot of time and hassle. Seoul’s subway alone is enough for you to explore! Banyak line yo and everywhere is connected.


She wanna snip her own tongue.

He’s waiting for his Bollywood star.

My ride~ Tapi no aircon that’s I left it in my palace only.

Once came out from the exit, we’re greeted by this beautiful weather.

3000 won for admission


Mmm bah, since you all see my pictures and I’m giving you a free digital tour here, I give you 70% discount, pay me 900 won can liao (BND1). HAHHAHAHAHA.

Grass doesn’t always look greener at the other side, but their sky always does! Why ah?

Love the contrast of seeing a modern building next to an old structure.


Gyeongbukgong sure has lots of “doors”.

I took the above picture for Vai and then passed my camera to her and asked me to snap one for me too..
And, she gave me this…

with my pose like that.. which you can simply photoshopped any items and put it on my hand. No background, no title, and 60% of the photo is cement floor and sand….



Then I show her the kind of frame I wanted and her skills got better. Hehehehee. You’re welcome.

At least can see the background better liao~

Obligatory tourist shot

If this is in Brunei, sure can see tin cans, packet drinks, keropok wrappers, cigarette buds already…

Love the patterns on the ceiling

Kinda miss Angkor Wat….

The stone indicates the place where different rankings of officers stand.

Love this shot.

Me, highest ranking~

This one, copycat only.
I think they two regret travel with me liao, seeing all these stupid captions I fitnah them.


The action-dunno-staring-at-what-pose-pondering-on-something-non-relevant

The hidden dragons~

The PKKs~

On to another palace behind the big one. Actually, there’s a lot of those smaller room/buildings in it. Really walk till lao-sai.

Cute also this fire extinguisher.

The other “door”, less colourful because the paint has faded.

But it feels more like home.. like those kampung houses.

I was trying to do this ancient assassin act, dipped finger into mouth and poked hole. Check out what’s going on inside and later take a bamboo stick and blow in some poisonous fumes wtf.
(The whole thing sounds so dirty one!)

Then we rushed to the main area again to catch the change guard show.

SL macam sucked into the past like that

Ey, got walkie talkie one

Throughout the whole guard-change show, the thing that kept me awake and really amused me was… their fake beard! HAHHAHHAHHAHA

Steady or not, no repetitive one. All look different one don’t play play.

For those who think Korean got a lot of cute guys (pasal influenced by TV), now... you still think so?

Macam so comfy the tilam

We all thought the bronze pot next to the day bed is a potty... but... when we checked with the "map", it says brazier.

Hello tourists.

Took this picture cos got my name. Sort of my name lah, apart for the 钦 don’t have 山 on it.

We were wondering what’s the purpose of this little door underneath the building and so ngam got a tour guide next to us. He told us it’s for ventilation in the summer and put in charcoal for heating the floor in the winter.

Most senang job ever… sit down and yell at people who trespass.

I realised, if SL’s hand is not holding to something on his right, then his hands will be in front of his pocket.. when posing.

Finally stumbled on the place to change to hanbok but the waiting was 1 hr when I asked.
1 hr of not going anywhere but just wait there, for 5 minutes of photo-taking…

Malas ku.

(We didn’t have breakfast so we’re really tired and hungry and… bored)

Fitting up tourists.

Wah SL so tall~

And my face damn small can.

Vai was really tired and hungry….

Just when we’re leaving, the second batch started. (They have guard change at every hour)

Can you figure out what’s our next destination?

Hint hint, rated no.1 restaurant in Seoul in tripadvisor

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