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Seoul Fun – Day 1– Transit, eat and sleep

Alrighteeee, am ready to start blogging! Woohooo!!!!

Okay, first of all, gotta tell you all that we used Cebu Pacific airline and the departure and arrival time is not what everyone can accept. Well, beggars can’t be choosers right~ Hehehhehe. And, can travel to a new country (Philippines) not bad also mah. Plus, it’s two hours to Philippines, and another three hours to Seoul, not bad right~

(Truth is, tickets to Seoul by AirAsia was pricier than Cebu Pacific at the time we booked)

It was already 12+ am when we checked in and the only shop that’s opened in the airport was Jollibee!

The travelling trio. My travel mates this time, SL and Vai.

1.24am – waiting for boarding

In case you wondered how air stewardess of Cebu Pacific looks like.

Discount voucher on the arrival card! Steady or not.

My poor luggage upon arriving NAIA.

Very blah porridge from Chubby China. Went there for a quick meal + wifi. But my porridge was still better than SL and Vai’s noodles, so so so salty macam sea water soup base can!

Checked in Salem Domestic Guesthouse because our next flight was 4pm. We had around 10 hours there and prefer to sleep in. 

Lugged our luggage to the 3rd floor. Oh well, its only a guesthouse and cost 1800 pesos for 3 person, cannot expect so much right. I’m usually not a fussy person when it comes to travelling especially. To me, good or bad, it’s still an experience to remember for life. Hence, I prefer to travel with “low-maintenance” people who won’t complain about the weather, the walking distance, the room, the food and everything else.

Our room.

Quickly changed into our sleeping clothes and called it a day… or night.

Woke up at 10 something, got ready to hunt for some breakfast and later saw my friend sewing his belt. He brought a sewing kit! Once a friend asked me wouldn’t it be very inconvenient to travel with a guy and I answered with an assuring tone, “I don’t know about other guys but SL is definitely one awesome travel partner I can count on… (and not feeling guilty when I go shopping)”

Jollibee is Manila is awesome!

My meal, I forgot what is it called already but the meehoon tasted like kolomee hoon. Its pretty awesome!

SL’s Chicken joy


Yummy nuggets!

Vai’s sour cream fries and peach mango pie!
(She’s a vegetarian fyi)

Right opposite Salem

Convenient store selling all sorts of mini/travel pack stuffs!

Even deodorant comes in fun-sized!

Salem Domestic guesthouse’s DND door hanger. Hhehehee. My favorite game of all time.

Walking around the area, sometimes we’re being sort of “escorted” by security guards (think they were just being nice protecting us tourists kua) . All the security guards have pistols with them, and it kind of makes me feel safe and unsafe at the same time. Even when we took a taxi back to NAIA T3 (that’s the airport), there’s policemen checking the storage drawers in the taxi and also, even getting in to the mall, all our bags also kana checked also.

Felt like Ho Chi Minh.

Jeepneys! I wanted to take a ride in it but.. so hot and crowded.. nevermind la.

Arrived in NAIA once again

Resort World, right opposite NAIA T3

Took this pic because I was fascinated by the auntie’s hair style, the one in pink. Yes! It’s a SHE, not HE.

Sat sat beh chio

Bunch of Korean guys queuing in front of us. They’re very funny. One of them was sitting at another person’s luggage and when the other person found out, he fly-kicked the guy (in a comedian way lah). Then when the staff told them their baggage was overweight, they moved their items in and out and tried to perform magic. Still in the end, they went to pay for the excess. Dunno lah, I find them very hilarious.

Vai’s vegetarian ramen from Roku… except the fish cake.

Beef rice. Not sure what’s the proper name but beef rice with poached egg basically describes everything in the bowl.

Bunch of noisy Korean kids who cut queue. Lucky they’re flying to Busan and not Seoul. Imagine how noisy would the plane be.

Cabin crews played a game with us. Sort of like a lucky draw lah. 3 prizes… it’s those travel neck pillow I think. And once they got the passengers attention, then they started selling those duty free goodies. Nice way huh~

I don’t get sick playing this. Played it on my lappie, my NDS and now my iPad. Still not sien.

Everyone has an i-Something to occupy their time.

SL and the guy sitting next to him had similar pose. That big American guy was watching  Stephen Chow’s movie and SL was watching some boring movie… about… okay, I don’t even remember what is it about already.

The in-flight magazine featuring our mosque

Lots of passengers arriving Incheon.

Waiting for the train to go to the passenger terminal. The airport is big!

Nah nah nah, can see how many people there liao or not?

Average 5 minutes got one plane landing one. We queued for almost 30 minutes at the immigration there and people just keep flooding in.

The “before”

Queuing queuing queuing


Bought bus tickets. It’s 10,000 won per person to reach Myeong Dong. Better than taking MRT because,
1) have to change a few lines to reach Myeong Dong, I’m so not going to lug my luggage up and down
2) It’s slightly pricier since we’re taking the airport bus, not the deluxe type limousine bus.

Pink polka dots luggage! I wantttttttt!

Our bus number, the stations and the timetable.

Bus ticket, the lady circled the bus number and the gate.

Spacious bus~ I wonder how different is this from the deluxe bus cos this is already good enough for me.

First time I put on seat belt in a bus. It’s compulsory.

Checked in our guesthouse and this is our 3 person room~

Show you guys more about the place tomorrow.

Hunting for food! Our very first meal in Korea. There’s quite a lot of restaurant along the way and three 24hrs convenient stores (7-11, GS25 and Family Mart). Talk about convenience.

(You know I’ll always find a cheap place to stay which is near to MRT station and a convenient store nearby)

Went in this restaurant, with the menu written all on the wall.

But fear no more, there’s a special menu for tourists with English and Chinese titles.

We’re suppose to tick ourselves what we want to eat, since we can read no Korean, we just point to the picture and the staff would tick for us.

Eating utensils in the steel container

Dumplings. Very meh-ish.

Kimchi and radish, nice nice!

Oh, any ramyun/ramen you order in a Korean restaurant will be like this, those Shin Ramen you can get from most supermarket. Same same. No difference.

Unless you order cold noodles or that awful soy bean noodles lah.

Kimchi Gimbap! Nice! We love this very much.

Reminds me of the part when the GBs went to Kimchi (as in the restaurant in Kiulap) for sungkai and Atul said, “Who are you calling Gimbap?!”. HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAAHHA

Abalone porridge. It has less salt in in, the taste is very original.
But still nice nonetheless.

Follow Sa-Sa (the host from 食尚玩家)’s foot step. When I watched the episode she went to Seoul, the first thing she bought from 7-11 is this tokboki keropok and banana milk.

I DRANK THAT BANANA MILK EVERYDAY! So delicious and no constipation~ Woohooo!!!
Sorry, tmi.

Rules in Namsan Guesthouse~

T-Money! So cute kan~
SL got the Mickey Mouse one.


Okie, that’s it for Day 1.

Buh bai~

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